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Arizona State University fraternity holds racist MLK Day party -- Drinking out of miniature watermelons. Yeah. If it weren't for that bit, the whole thing probably could have been plausibly denied.

Student who appeared in porn can return to school

Dame Angela Lansbury 'relieved' as Murder, She Wrote remake is scrapped -- I think her publicly expressed dismay is what doomed the project ultimately.

Let’s give pot smokers a little leeway -- Kathleen Parker wrote this?
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Bogus Nelson Mandela interpreter was among group who burned 2 men to death, say friends

Florida police say man lied about abandoned baby -- The whole situation could have been averted, as "under Florida law, a newborn can be left at a public place, such as a fire station or police station without any legal repercussions."

Oakland Teen Declared Brain Dead Days After Routine Tonsil Surgery -- I wonder if her wounds were properly cauterized. One of my closest friends had surgery to remove polyps from his throat & he also experienced heavy bleeding due to improper procedures.

Ancient Pig-Shaped Baby Bottle Found

Can women get sex whenever they like?

Thousands of Germans get warning letters for watching copyrighted porn: Letters ask recipients to pay €250 fine for watching films on streaming website -- I tell you, if I receive one of those letters, I'm not paying shite.
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Pornography is not the only culprit behind the rise of labiaplasty -- Labiaplasty. Just think about that for a second.

Official wants to defund library to pay for jail instead; users should 'go back to Mexico' (by way of [personal profile] supergee) -- Consider this screed: "Them junkies and hippies and food stamps [recipients] and all, they use the library to look at drugs and food stamps [on the Internet]. I see them do it." Why in the hell would a person "look at drugs and food stamps"? Looking at them does nothing. Gazing at a digital image of a substance does not get one high. Staring at food stamps (which don't even exist anymore in tangible form) will not make one fed. What in the hell is this guy trying to peddle, besides abject racism & discrimination?
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So, regarding the post about LJ drama:

My computer at home can't pull up the entire thread without hanging. The only other computer I have access to on a regular basis is my work computer, and I cannot spend hours reading a thread when I have very pressing work to do (and work I get paid for, incidentally).

So, to the folks who came over here from [ profile] ginmar's journal: 1) I'm not ignoring you; Read more... )

My only wish? Read more... )

Here's where I don't apologize: Read more... )

As for anyone else just tuning in: The drama is dying down; might even be dead by now. Which is fine. I'm not terribly practiced at teh drama.

On the other hand, I'd not before had a thread that reached over 120 responses. Not even the post about the male privilege checklist got so many replies (though I daresay they were more heated).

And, for those who missed it, here is another thread about porn and prostitution from about two years ago.
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So now there are folks over at [ profile] ginmar's journal insinuating that I am 1) racist and 2) misogynist.

And, of course, since I am still banned (though the ban was supposed to be for 24 hours only), I cannot respond.

Then there are the folks who claim that I came in, said some things I couldn't back up, and then split. Kind of hard to respond to things when I don't have posting access.
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[ profile] ginmar talks about a very negative experience at feministe wherein she felt she was personally threatened. She also talks at length about "pro-porn" "pornhounds" and how they benefit from the perpetuation of pornography. I step into the discussion to point to my paper. Conversation ensues.

Edit: She's now banned me temporarily, after calling me a bitch, which I find wryly amusing, considering how I write in my paper how insulting a woman that way is to reduce her to a level of an animal considered beneath her in the animal kingdom. It's language I would never use in a polite discussion, let alone to a fellow feminist. [ profile] ginmar continues to be someone whose opinions I highly respect; I even advertise for her journal by word of mouth. I find it unfortunate she has turned her anger at what happened in another forum toward me when I showed no venom in any of the responses to her or others in that thread.
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There's a really interesting discussion about prostitution and pornography over in [ profile] feminist. I haven't added to the conversation yet, but I probably will.


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