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Woman Finds Body While Hunting for Easter Eggs in Her Backyard

How Do We Explain The Evolution Of Religion? -- "[H]uman religiosity was primed by the meaning-making, imagination, empathy and rule-following of other primates (primates with whom we shared a common ancestor in the past, or those common ancestors themselves). Religious imagination flowered later, in the hominin lineage, as our brains were increasingly selected over time to think beyond the here-and-now."

Study reveals why Neanderthals never faced brain disorders

Scientists unmask a piece in the puzzle of how the inheritance of traumas is mediated -- "[T]raumatic stress alters the amount of several microRNAs in the blood, brain and sperm – while some microRNAs were produced in excess, others were lower than in the corresponding tissues or cells of control animals. These alterations resulted in misregulation of cellular processes normally controlled by these microRNAs."

Here Are the States Where Blowjobs Are Illegal But Necrophilia's Cool -- Just in case you needed the reference.
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U.S. Supreme Court will not hear appeal of Chancery Court confidential arbitration ruling -- Yes, a split SCOTUS deigned to leave intact a lower court's decision that secret hearings are unconstitutional.

Warning over burning aborted foetuses -- This is in the UK. Still, when I heard of this, I shrugged. Had this had happened in my life, I wouldn't have blinked. An aborted fetus is recognized quite often as superfluous. (Miscarriages are a different matter.) In any case, the woman involved should be apprised of the options of disposal.

Gwar Singer Dave Brockie, a.k.a. Oderus Urungus, Dead at 50 -- No, I was not a fan. But there were some Backtable inside jokes regarding Gwar (particularly with regards to [profile] xiombarg, IIRC). It's the passing of an era.

Creationists want equal airtime on Cosmos -- Um, no. They want to be the equivalent of trolls, disrupting conversation. Let them secure their own show & see how many people tune in.
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Hospital Won't Assist In Transfer For Brain-Dead Girl -- "The hospital 'does not believe that performing surgical procedures on the body of a deceased person is an appropriate medical practice,' [the chief of pediatrics] said."

Wait, scratch that: Hospital Says It Will Help Move Brain-Dead Girl -- Fast-moving facts in this story. I have no doubt the hospital got pushback after its announcement.

Concussions May Increase Alzheimer's Risk, But Only For Some

Experimental Tool Uses Light To Tweak The Living Brain -- optogenetics

U-M tinnitus discovery opens door to possible new treatment avenues | Neuroscience may offer hope to millions robbed of silence by tinnitus

10 classic Sesame Street moments we wouldn't show today's kids: Kermit the frog used to be a real jerk -- Most of these are pretty innocuous, though the Kermit one is a bit surprising in retrospect. (I also specifically remember the "yo-yo master & the lost kid" one. Considering that Sesame Street came out in 1969, it's not surprising that they utilized the very popular Yellow Submarine-esque animation.)

Religion as a Product of Psychotropic Drug Use

Ohio teacher suspended for telling student 'We don't need another black president': Fairfield Freshman School teacher has been suspended without pay and could be terminated | more
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In Oklahoma, satanists at statehouse? -- "In their zeal to tout their faith in the public square, conservatives in Oklahoma may have unwittingly opened the door to a wide range of religious groups, including satanists who are seeking to put their own statue next to a Ten Commandments monument on the Statehouse steps."

For $60 you can hire a 'professional snuggler' -- You know, it is possible to touch someone without being a prostitute. Also, the comment that "No offense to men, but I don't know any man who wants to just snuggle" is offensive. Full stop. Sorry.

Crocs hunt with sticks, researchers say -- new tool use
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Texas abortion law stands: Supreme Court splits 5-4 on hearing the case -- Oh, the five Justices who identify as Catholic decided to let a repressive abortion law be the law the land? Really? Who would have thought?

Pennsylvania pastor who performed son’s gay marriage suspended for 30 days by Methodist jury

Hate message painted on Lunenburg, Massachusetts teen's home -- It's exactly what you fear and/or suspect.

Researchers identify new type of boredom -- "Researchers identified the new type of tedium as 'apathetic boredom', an especially unpleasant form of the emotion that resembles learned helplessness or depression."
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Tennessee Man Says Daughter's Teacher Promoted 'Islamic Tolerance' -- So now all of the field trips for the class are cancelled? Ridiculous.

Surprise: Earth had oxygen before Great Oxidation Event

Colorado Farmers Arrested in Fatal Listeria Outbreak -- Does that ever happen? Farmers charged in foodborne illnesses? That's pretty unusual to me.
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Republicans, it's time to take your medicine, ObamaCare is here to stay -- This was published at Fox News, of all places.

Judge: Kentucky woman must testify against partner

Police: NYC mob attacks Sikh professor, thinking he's Muslim -- As Rebecca Savastio said over at the Las Vegas Guardian Express, "Dr. Singh is a Sikh, but was mistaken for a Muslim because many Americans are devoid of knowledge and facts, and instead choose to live their lives in constant state of vast ignorance. Thus, they cannot tell the difference between Sikhs and Muslims nor do they know it is wrong to attack anyone because of their race or religion."

Alleged racist texts ignite Coatesville furor -- "The recently resigned superintendent and an athletic director in the Coatesville Area School District exchanged numerous racist text messages about staff and students in June on school-issued cellphones, according to a published report."

More: local editorial about the controversy | the texts in question
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Dear Ms. Chumley,

I recently came across your article regarding a woman in Ohio whose car was swallowed by a sinkhole. Your opening sentence reads, "A woman whose car was swallowed by a sinkhole in Toledo said she kept calling on Jesus to save her — and he did." Dismayed, I kept reading to see if you were setting up a pun where one of the firefighters who saved her was named Jesus. This does not seem to be the case.

As a reporter, you have a duty to be as objective as you can (unless, of course, you are writing an opinion piece, which in this instance you were not). You may view your lead sentence as eyecatching, but I as a reader view it as heavy-handed. I understand you work for the Washington Times, but surely you realize that not only Christians read your newspaper. Surely you know that the United States is a patchwork quilt of different beliefs.

I am astounded that a newspaper of any repute would advance the notion not only that a particular deity exists but that he or she personally intervened in an happenstance. What you have baldly asserted is that Jesus performed a miracle in Toledo. I would like to see your sources as to that.

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Jewish zealots strike fear in flashpoint Israel town -- "An ultra-Orthodox man in Beit Shemesh, identified only as Moshe, admitted on Israel's Channel 2 television there were spitting attacks at young girls. 'That's right, they are immodest. It bothers me, I am a healthy person. It is proper to spit on a girl who does not conduct herself according to the Torah,' Moshe said."

Addendum to above: Israeli Girl, 8, at Center of Tension Over Religious Extremism (NYT) | See also Gender insanity -- Op/Ed in the Jerusalem Post

Pink Stuff: Little Girl In Toy Store Rails Against Gender Stereotypes

The Nurse-In: Why Breast-Feeding Mothers Are Mad at Target | Breastfeeding at Target: Moms Stage National Demonstration -- You may or may not want to read the responses to this article. Wow.

Girls on the Spectrum: Q & A with the Author of Aspergirls
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Antimatter Trapped For the First Time (thanks, [profile] eposia)

Pope Benedict 'condones condom use in some cases' -- "In a book due to be published on Tuesday, he said they could reduce the risk of infection with HIV, such as for a prostitute." I am amazed & bemused that it took prostitution to get the Vatican to approve condom use.

Placenta 'has key role' in determining pregnancy length -- I have some issues with the language at the end. Striving for nutrients is not a "war", it's a contest. The placenta is not a "battleground". Words mean for a reason.

The Untold Story of Queen Aliquippa (thanks, [profile] johanna_hypatia)


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