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Old by today's standards. These are songs I never got around to until they were available for free. ([profile] sophiaserpentia directed me to Grooveshark, which has been a revelation.)

So, tonight I'm listening to "How Can I Sing Like a Girl?":

Tell me, how can I sing like a girl
And not be objectified
As if I were a girl?

Suddenly, it came to me that men, as a conglomerate (I'm not condemning the gender as a whole [that is, as a group comprised of individuals]), cannot think of women as intellectual equals precisely because that would mean that their sexual fantasies of females, their conceptualizations of females, were implausible, wrong, unbelievable. God knows that the male gaze, the male idea of sexuality must be correct, so objectification must be a good.

If male sexuality is questioned, then the whole of masculinity is questioned & that can't be countenanced.
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I was skimming the Health section of Google News & happened to glimpse a headline about fried chicken candles. I initially parsed this as fried chicken candies. Thinking more on this, I am surprised no one has made anything resembling fried chicken candy. I think such a product would be embraced by the American public. You know, like those red-wrapped cinnamon discs but infused with that unmistakable flavor.

This idea could go places.
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TEPCO CEO apologizes for nuclear reactor damage -- "TEPCO's President Masataka Shimizu was taken to hospital on Tuesday suffering from fatigue and stress." Part of me truly believes this is a polite way of saying 'nervous breakdown'.

Analysis: Japan's nuclear nightmare set to run and run

Tepco’s Reactors May Take 30 Years, $12 Billion to Scrap

Japan weighs entombing nuke plant -- "Water in a tunnel outside the No. 2 reactor emitted radiation exceeding 1 sievert an hour, a Tokyo Electric spokesman said. Exposure to that dose for 30 minutes would trigger nausea, and four hours' exposure might lead to death within two months, according to the Environmental Protection Agency."
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I wonder, if President Obama agreed to serve only one term, as Polk did, whether Congress would finally stop being so obstructionist.

Not that this would ever happen.


Mar. 12th, 2010 12:32 pm
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It's my sneaking suspicion that the Great Recession is just that because this time around we actually have Welfare in place to keep people from standing in food lines. Food stamp usage is becoming the norm for a significant minority of the American populace: 10% utilize them (NYT). That's not including WIC (for which my family qualified when I was a child) or unemployment.

Without these "entitlement" programs, our economy would have not just depressed, it would have cratered. At least with these funds, grocery stores stay open, children remain fed, adults do not defenestrate themselves.
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Eisenhower, it all comes back to Eisenhower.

Truman had done a lot that conservatives disliked. The country had been Democratic for so long, citizens didn't know what the nation would be like without it. They had to have hungered for something new. So that's Eisenhower, whose most enduring legacy (the highway system) is contributing to global warming.

Americans were free before 1950. After that, the Pentagon, the CIA and all of their brothers were invented.
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As I tried (unsuccessfully) to fall asleep last night, I came up with a hypothesis about what sleep actually is.

The human mind hypnotizes itself.
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So, going along with my ongoing argument/conjecture:

If the opposite of love is not hate, but fear--

then the opposite of hate is not love, but confidence.
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I don't normally webcrawl over to Snopes, but a friend alerted me to a phone scam; while there, I looked around.

This excerpt from a 1967 Philco-Ford production imagined what home technology would be like in the year 1999. It is amazingly accurate. It's incredible what those with true vision can see.
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Laughter teaches the body syncopation.
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Bartenders are the mirrors of psychologists.
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Part of me is convinced that Ms. Clinton has Karl Rove on retainer.

Another part sees Mr. Rove's 2008 strategy working: frame the Democratic opposition as solely being about Ms. Clinton, thus creating an echo chamber and a self-fulfilling prophecy where the media focuses solely on Ms. Clinton and fails to even mention her competition by name.

I still maintain that John Edwards has a fantastic chance of turning "conventional wisdom" on its head in Iowa. (I haven't been following New Hampshire, so I can't speak to that arena.)
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If knowledge is power, then withholding information is the ultimate power.
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Can the Presidency be abdicated?

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Edit: Silly me, I should have read the 25th Amendment. Still, I do think that by resigning, the act itself confers the concept of the Presidency with the sense of being "the supreme office of state," which would elevate it above the Senate, even though they are supposedly co-equal branches of government.
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IAEA finds plutonium at Iran waste facility

I think the Republicans--and when I say Republicans, I mean Karl Rove--can find a silver lining in the ascent of the Democratic Congress.

I think Bush will call for the draft.
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Next year, I predict, will be a dark year for our country.

Newspapers have been reporting that Bush and Rove are upbeat about the upcoming elections, not even planning for if they lose.

The polls, as they stand now, indicate that the House is lost for Republicans and the Senate, while a stretch, could be taken. Imagine this scenario: On November 7, the exit polls all indicate a sweep for Democrats, but the official results have Republicans still in power.

Those who contest the results may be designated unlawful enemy combatants and whisked away to the prisons the government has been building in the West that now stand empty but can house up to 300,000 people (last I heard).

What happens then?

This is all a figment of my imagination. We still have three weeks before the midterm elections. But the President now has the power--the legal authority--to designate anyone as an "unlawful enemy combatant" and set up tribunals of his own making for the trials. Habeas corpus is eliminated for these people.

What happens then?

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Smart crazy people recognize which of their ideas would sound crazy to other people and thus do not share those with others.
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Consider that the remake of The Omen premiered on 6-6-06.

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