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Tulsa Deputy Resigns After Sexual Assault Arrest -- "Roberts' arrest came just weeks after Oklahoma City police officer Daniel Holtzclaw was accused of sexually assaulting at least eight women while on duty. Holtzclaw has pleaded not guilty to 16 felony counts, including rape and sexual battery." It gets worse. Read the article.

Arizona Republican resigns after arguing women on Medicaid should be sterilized -- How turn-of-the-20th-century of him.

Urban Outfitters' Kent State Sweatshirt Horrifies Consumers -- "An Urban Outfitters "vintage" Kent State University sweatshirt that appeared to be covered in blood caused outrage across the country." -- It's as bad as you think.

Students Are Rebelling After Receiving 200 Detentions For Harsh Dress Code Violations -- 200 after just a fortnight, "mostly to females".

Feeling Crowded? World Population Set to Explode Even More -- "The population will probably hit 11 billion by 2100, according to new estimates."

Botox 'may stunt emotional growth' in young people
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Riot erupts near St. Louis over police shooting of teen | more -- The FBI has launched a parallel investigation.

Amid pressure, New York releases half of Common Core test questions

Study: More coffee may prevent your ears from ringing

Babylon 5 reboot likely to become big-budget film: Original series creator will pen the script, possibly finance the film

Dear Johns: Actually, You Should Be Ashamed to Buy Sex -- There is a lot that is wrong in this article, or at least wrong-headed. The author (strangely enough, a woman) decries the industry by contrasting the relative freedom the customers enjoy (rarely prosecuted) with the restrictions sex workers endure (especially those trafficked into such work). The piece takes pot shots at everything, mainly casting aspersions. She does admit that "some woman [sic] do choose this line of work, and sex-workers unions argue that prostitution can be a freely made choice" but dismisses it in the same sentence. What the author fails to realize or acknowledge is that 1) it's not called the oldest profession for nothing--it's not going away, & 2) the illegality of the trade is the root cause of most of its problems. The best way to tamp down on most of the concerns is to pursue legalization or decriminalization, so the industry can be regulated.
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Jody Hice: Mr. Bigot Goes to Washington?

Supreme Court hits new low: Only 30% have confidence in justices -- "[C]onfidence in the Supreme Court has slipped steadily since its heydey during the Reagan administration, when 56% of Americans said they believed in the high court in 1985 and 1988. The ratings for the court mostly stayed in the 40s and 50s but took a sharp turn down to 34% in 2007--a year after George W. Bush won Senate confirmation for Samuel Alito to the court."

FDA Approves ReWalk Motorized Exoskeleton For Sale In The US

Math Under Common Core Has Even Parents Stumbling (NYT)

Regret the Error: Poynter's Newspaper Misspells the President's First Name

Chinese man dies after heart is ripped from his chest and eaten following fight about noodles

Kansas woman charged with arson after allegedly lighting fire to kill a spider
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Gun Shy: What happened to the Second Amendment at the U.S. Supreme Court this year?

ABA: Lawyers can scour jurors' social media sites -- Yet another reason I won't be migrating to Facebook. It's bad enough (actually probably worse) that employers can demand your social media account particulars.

Christian radio host in Michigan busted in child sex probe, feds say -- "[Balyo] was cuffed while working at a Christian music festival in Gaylord on Friday." It's all about the cover story.

Time-traveling photons connect general relativity to quantum mechanics

Death to high school English: My college students don't understand commas, far less how to write an essay. Is it time to rethink how we teach? -- This article is so true. I read essays written by schoolchildren for a living. The general level of grammatical readiness is atrocious.

Artistic food deemed tastier, scientists and chef show -- "Participants were also willing to pay more for the Kandinsky-inspired plating[.]"
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Ex-NYPD cop charged with hate crime over anti-Jewish graffiti in Brooklyn

How Oklahoma's Botched Execution Affects the Death-Penalty Debate

Condoleezza Rice latest graduation speaker to back out amid protests

Three students expelled for harassment at California college: report -- Remember the incident with the bike lock around a student's neck? That's this one.

Did Floyd Mayweather Use Abortion Rumor to Punish His Ex?

Wider Hips may Suggest a more Promiscuous Woman: Study -- I suppose this is not the time to give out my measurements.

Diners believe a meal is tastier the more they have paid for it, say researchers -- Like The Dave Matthews Band once intoned, "You pay for what you get." (This may indeed be cognitive dissonance at work, where the consumer, having paid so much for the meal, convinces him- or herself that it must be worth the cost, because otherwise they would experience self-criticism for spending beyond the meal's intrinsic value.)
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If you didn't know, I work for a scoring facility. We score the tests of middle- & high-school students across the country. The season is not long but it is intense.

We scorers are sworn to absolute secrecy as to the nature of questions, even to the methodology of scoring methods. The entire industry is cloaked in secrecy.

So who is it that broke security to take these pictures for this National Review story? Either it involved administrators, students, or scorers. No other subgroup exists. (Oh, also, parents. These pics may have occurred during homework time instead of proctor time. *sigh*)

The sad thing about the story is that, given just maybe 30 seconds, it becomes clear what logic is needed to address the question. Yes, Common Core is going to be a bear for the first two or three years, as curricula catches up, but beyond that students should be able to adjust. The only item I can't figure out at first glance is "doubles +1", because a relevant portion of the page is missing.
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Supreme Court ruling eases police search of suspect's home -- "The Supreme Court on Tuesday handed a victory to law enforcement agencies by making it easier for police to search a dwelling without a warrant. The court held on a 6-3 vote that police can search a home without a warrant, even if the suspect has objected, as long as he is no longer on the scene and a co-tenant gives consent." Moral? Live alone.

Indiana lawmakers back off religious discrimination proposal -- Where are these people coming from? It's a veritable onslaught.

Many L.A. Unified school libraries, lacking staff, are forced to shut

Tetris can Reduce Cravings for Food, Cigarettes or Alcohol, Study Reports

Sex Addicted Mammal Species Discovered In Australia; Males Have So Much Sex They Die Early


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