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Riot erupts near St. Louis over police shooting of teen | more -- The FBI has launched a parallel investigation.

Amid pressure, New York releases half of Common Core test questions

Study: More coffee may prevent your ears from ringing

Babylon 5 reboot likely to become big-budget film: Original series creator will pen the script, possibly finance the film

Dear Johns: Actually, You Should Be Ashamed to Buy Sex -- There is a lot that is wrong in this article, or at least wrong-headed. The author (strangely enough, a woman) decries the industry by contrasting the relative freedom the customers enjoy (rarely prosecuted) with the restrictions sex workers endure (especially those trafficked into such work). The piece takes pot shots at everything, mainly casting aspersions. She does admit that "some woman [sic] do choose this line of work, and sex-workers unions argue that prostitution can be a freely made choice" but dismisses it in the same sentence. What the author fails to realize or acknowledge is that 1) it's not called the oldest profession for nothing--it's not going away, & 2) the illegality of the trade is the root cause of most of its problems. The best way to tamp down on most of the concerns is to pursue legalization or decriminalization, so the industry can be regulated.
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Serial murders of secret infants, as alleged in Utah, 'very rare'

‘Bully’ suffers jeers, name-calling himself -- "An Ohio man sentenced by a judge to spend yesterday wearing a sign reading “I AM A BULLY” at a busy suburban Cleveland intersection was greeted by a boisterous stream of honking car horns, jeers and insults." Technically, this should fall under "cruel & unusual treatment".

While You Were Watching 'Game of Thrones,' Neil deGrasse Tyson Shared His Solution to Global Warming

Angry at your spouse? Check your blood sugar

Crankier Babies May Get More TV Time

Finding May Explain Why Women More Likely Develop Alzheimer's

Bullying occurs among children higher up on the social ladder, according to new research -- "The study concluded that girls are more likely to be subject to this type of bullying. The highest incidences of bullying occurred among girls, but boys were more likely to target girls who were climbing social rungs rather than boys who were doing the same." Sexist high-school assholes.

Casual marijuana use linked to brain changes -- "Gregory Gerdeman, a biologist and neuropharmacologist at Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Fla., said he has no reason to doubt the new study's findings but worries generally about marijuana research funded by federal agencies, like the Office of National Drug Control Policy, which is charged with limiting drug use."
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Mississippi high court halts woman's execution, orders a new trial -- Her son has repeatedly confessed to the killing.

Police chief: Officer shoving woman is concerning | Riot Cop Absolutely Levels an Unsuspecting Girl at Arizona State -- The video at the second link is shocking. I don't know what's going on in Albuquerque these days.

Heir's sentence raises questions in child rape case -- Affluenza strikes again. How does a man who admits to sexually assaulting a 3- to 5-year-old end up with probation? It helps if you're due to inherit millions, if not billions.

The Tin Ear of the #CancelColbert Brigades -- I presented pretty much the same argument when I was a student at Grinnell, when the campus became embroiled in a controversy regarding the campus' satirical rag. The argument is even more cogent in Colbert's regard, as he was in character when he made his remarks.

Chernobyl Trees Barely Decomposed, Study Finds

Life-and-Death Gunshot Victims to Be Frozen in Suspended Animation to Save Lives
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U.S. Supreme Court will not hear appeal of Chancery Court confidential arbitration ruling -- Yes, a split SCOTUS deigned to leave intact a lower court's decision that secret hearings are unconstitutional.

Warning over burning aborted foetuses -- This is in the UK. Still, when I heard of this, I shrugged. Had this had happened in my life, I wouldn't have blinked. An aborted fetus is recognized quite often as superfluous. (Miscarriages are a different matter.) In any case, the woman involved should be apprised of the options of disposal.

Gwar Singer Dave Brockie, a.k.a. Oderus Urungus, Dead at 50 -- No, I was not a fan. But there were some Backtable inside jokes regarding Gwar (particularly with regards to [profile] xiombarg, IIRC). It's the passing of an era.

Creationists want equal airtime on Cosmos -- Um, no. They want to be the equivalent of trolls, disrupting conversation. Let them secure their own show & see how many people tune in.
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Arizona State University fraternity holds racist MLK Day party -- Drinking out of miniature watermelons. Yeah. If it weren't for that bit, the whole thing probably could have been plausibly denied.

Student who appeared in porn can return to school

Dame Angela Lansbury 'relieved' as Murder, She Wrote remake is scrapped -- I think her publicly expressed dismay is what doomed the project ultimately.

Let’s give pot smokers a little leeway -- Kathleen Parker wrote this?
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Botched execution? Ohio killer takes almost 25 minutes to die from lethal injection | Did Ohio's New Lethal-Injection Cocktail Lead to a Cruel and Unusual Death For Dennis McGuire?

Oklahoma same-sex marriage ban struck down by federal judge -- judgment suspended pending appeal

Drug search involving anal probe results in $1.6-million settlement

Time Magazine Turns Hillary Clinton Into a Pointy Heel Trampling an Emasculated Dude -- "The depiction doesn't show high-powered women competing against male rivals, fair and square; it suggests that the very existence of the feminine in business and politics constitutes a threat to men. It's both sexist and hacky. In turn, trample fetishists mine these 'feminist' stock photos for masturbatory material. (You have learned something new.)"

Children who watch too much TV may have 'damaged brain structures' -- "MRI brain scans showed children who spent the most hours in front of the box had greater amounts of grey matter in regions around the frontopolar cortex - the area at the front of the frontal lobe. But this increased volume was a negative thing as it was linked with lower verbal intelligence[.]"

Racism may accelerate aging on a cellular level, study finds
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Hospital Won't Assist In Transfer For Brain-Dead Girl -- "The hospital 'does not believe that performing surgical procedures on the body of a deceased person is an appropriate medical practice,' [the chief of pediatrics] said."

Wait, scratch that: Hospital Says It Will Help Move Brain-Dead Girl -- Fast-moving facts in this story. I have no doubt the hospital got pushback after its announcement.

Concussions May Increase Alzheimer's Risk, But Only For Some

Experimental Tool Uses Light To Tweak The Living Brain -- optogenetics

U-M tinnitus discovery opens door to possible new treatment avenues | Neuroscience may offer hope to millions robbed of silence by tinnitus

10 classic Sesame Street moments we wouldn't show today's kids: Kermit the frog used to be a real jerk -- Most of these are pretty innocuous, though the Kermit one is a bit surprising in retrospect. (I also specifically remember the "yo-yo master & the lost kid" one. Considering that Sesame Street came out in 1969, it's not surprising that they utilized the very popular Yellow Submarine-esque animation.)

Religion as a Product of Psychotropic Drug Use

Ohio teacher suspended for telling student 'We don't need another black president': Fairfield Freshman School teacher has been suspended without pay and could be terminated | more
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Tired of the news this morning, I changed over to Disney Jr the Hub network where they're airing old episodes of Animaniacs. (Harmless fun nostalgia.)

During one of the commercial breaks, a commercial for a toy called Doggie Do came on. Yes, Doggie Do. It's like those life-like baby dolls where the doll drinks real water & wets her diaper (ever notice how baby dolls are almost always female?). Well, for this toy you feed the cartoonish dog something resembling a cheese poof, then watch as it . . . reemerges.

This is for sale? Really?
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There's a commercial that states, "We [humans] are beautifully imperfect creatures in an imperfect world."

Well, yes. If we were "beautifully imperfect creatures" in a perfect world, the human condition would mere be tragic. Tragedy, all the time.
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Damn, Colbert. Just . . . damn.
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Riley Cooper May Have Bigger Problems Ahead -- Philadelphia Eagles' player who said some of the most racially offensive stuff I've heard in at least the last three weeks

Blacks, Hispanics More Optimistic than Whites -- Economically speaking. Of course, minorities have less to lose & more to potentially gain than their Caucasian counterparts.

Illinois governor signs law allowing medical marijuana -- Still, don't speed in the state of Illinois. Rabid cops there.

For males, monogamy can have evolutionary benefits -- less infanticide

'There Is No Pressure for a Girl to Be a Girl': My quest to understand why some of my female friends are drawn to the frattiest social club on campus

Babies given away live on air in Pakistani talk show -- How does anything on reality television top this?

Inca Child Sacrifice Victims Were Drugged: Mummy hair reveals that young victims were heavy users of coca and alcohol
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Paula Deen's Food Network contract won't be renewed -- "The Food Network said Friday it's dumping Paula Deen, barely an hour after the celebrity cook posted a videotaped apology online begging forgiveness from fans and critics troubled by her admission to having used racial slurs in the past."

Unattractive, mean people may be more likely to be bullied at work -- The pretty, mean people fare better.

Ruins of hidden Maya city, Chactun, discovered in Mexico

Scientists create detailed 3-D model of human brain
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I've got much to post. First up regards Jon Stewart's interview on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace. I've got the transcript, the corrected-by-Media-Matters transcript, the video itself & a host of articles & commentary.

To me, however, sometimes I seek out the stories' comments to see a snapshot (or scattershot) of the audience's reaction. Here, for your consideration, is one at CNN by Mark Bernadiner:

Stewart demonstrated again and again and again how poor educated and primitive he is regardless of his rich vocabulary. He is typical leftist with big mouth and very little knowledge. He has no capability to connect dots in sequence and provide serious in-depth analysis and logical conclusion. He creates a combination of numerous words that combined have no logical meaning what so ever. He is typical representative poor educated Americans.

I wonder if that is the person's real name & if he is a native English speaker. Just the first sentence alone makes me want to hunt this person down & proffer a mirror.
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Every episode of Family Guy--& I mean every episode--features at least one joke that involves harming a woman.

I'm really annoyed, because on the whole the show is quite funny. But whenever the misogyny starts, my laughter cuts off immediately.
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This morning (January 17, 2011), the female anchor during the end of the broadcast of World News Now (currently being continued as America This Morning) spoke of a new 31-oz. coffee drink [presumably at Starbucks, as she mentioned the largest-to-date size as 'vente']. After demonstrating how much liquid is in one container, she stated flippantly that if a person drank all of that, at least they would not be dehydrated.

This is wrong. Caffeine, especially when obtained via coffee, is a diuretic.

I hope the anchors correct this misinformation before their broadcast is over.

If you Google "caffeine diuretic" or "coffee diuretic", you'll encounter many conflicting sources of information. However, the two to which I linked are of the most recent. They also explain that the more voluminous the intake the increased efficacy of caffeine's diuretic effect. 31 oz. of coffee is not in the "moderate to mild" range of caffeine consumption.
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I mentioned to my mom a few months ago that I'd never seen so many African-American actors on television before President Obama's win & inauguration. This includes commercials. In fact, I mean to emphasize commercials.

I make this observation while having written an essay for one of my American Studies courses wherein I analyzed a random sampling of commercials in 1997 for race & sex representations. I don't have the paper handy (it's packed up somewhere, as are most of my belongings), but the prevalence of the actors in question is much higher, all across the board.

As blacks are about 13% of the population, at least 13% of randomly sampled commercials should feature them.

I wonder what will happen when Obama leaves office.


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