Bling Ring

Jun. 21st, 2013 11:12 pm
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Most of the Cabal (all but Jeff) went to see The Bling Ring, at the behest of Jamie.

I can't recommend this movie. It's rather uneven. There's very little progression or character development. I can see several ways that it could have been so much better, particularly in terms of perspective. There were definitely some poor directorial decisions.

All in all, not as bad as seeing Snakes on a Plane in the theater (or ever), but not the best movie I've seen in the last year or two, or five.
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I had a lovely dinner with [personal profile] netmouse, her parents & Rosie last night. It was hard to believe that it had been five months since I had seen them. Rosie has shot like a sprout! She looks like a four-year-old (& is as sharp). Salmon spread served as appetizer, then leg of lamb along with salad, corn on the cob & green beans. I continued with my vegetable desire, though I could not resist an additional helping of lamb. :) (I did successfully renounce the mention of chocolate.)

Plans with the Cabal fell through tonight--too many had prior plans. We must have at least a quorum. :) So we're planning for next Friday. In the meantime, my great-niece is up for the weekend. It'll be a riot, for sure.
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I found out yesterday that my ex-fiance & still one of my best friends Dan doesn't believe in evolution.


I asked him why he believed in science some of the time but not all of the time. I mean, obviously he uses his microwave, cell phone, television & computer.
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Yesterday, I had a chance to talk to D., an old friend of mine (one of my ex-fiances, as a matter of fact). We talked about a number of topics, but we mostly came back to his problems with his wife J. (he is depressed, so I was trying to help him in that regard, not to badmouth his wife). He spoke of a facet of their arguing, wherein J. never admits that she was wrong, even after proof has been presented to that fact. This lack of ever apologizing is deepening the rift between them, & D. is exasperated.

To me, this recalled a small online scuffle I had recently at DailyKos in a thread about the Dr. Laura incident. One of the posters didn't understand why people in the thread seemed to be avoiding using specific epithets--it's an adult conversation, and all participating were adults, so the use shouldn't shock anyone. Others as well as myself tried to get this person to see that it would be oxymoronic for the participants to use such epithets in a discussion admonishing Dr. Laura for broadcasting them in the first place. The poster in question refused to back off his point, which was distinct & counter to the one of sensitivity that the handful of us tried to advance. I replied to him, "Sometimes winning an argument loses sight of the larger picture."

In order to get to that statement, though, I thought I'd reference the Dr. Laura controversy first. D. had no idea such an instance had occurred. D. watches FOXNews pretty much exclusively, so the fact that he hadn't heard about it indicates to me that FOX minimized or completely neglected to cover the story.

A recent This Modern World, "They Denied Reality", illustrates the point pretty well. Where is the United States headed? How can we citizens chart the future when we can't even establish consensus (political) reality?

A new day

Feb. 10th, 2010 10:19 am
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I am posting from the comfort of my own computer.

[ profile] netmouse, I should have jumped up and down when you handed me this laptop yesterday. It wasn't until last night when I started playing around with it that I realized that this changes everything.

I am indebted.

Tentatively, I have decided to name my electronic helpmate Hermes. Thoth also comes to mind.
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I love the Ann Arbor District Library's free book cart. Today I picked up Milton's Paradise Lost & Complete Poetry and Selected Prose, Aristotle's Poetics, Nietzsche's The Birth of Tragedy & The Case of Wagner, and Dante's Inferno. I'd just mentioned to [ profile] lameautarch that reading Kafka's Metamorphosis had rekindled my desire to read more classics, so this happy find goes far in satisfying that hunger.

In a complete change of subject, I wanted to correct my list of Christmas gifts: [ profile] sarahmichigan gave me, in addition to the book of stamps (which will definitely come in handy), an attractive pocket-sized notebook and two gel pens. I don't know if she knew I loved gel pens, but I certainly do. It was a splendid gift package and I thank her for it.

In addition, [ profile] lameautarch purchased The Poet's Companion by Kim Addonizio & Dorianne Laux, a how-to poetry primer with many creative exercises. He knew how much I wanted it because we were wandering around Borders together and I jumped up and down when I saw it on the shelf. I am very grateful to have the title in my poetics collection.

Edit: Now I have another book on my to-acquire list: Ordinary Genius: A Guide for the Poet Within by Kim Addonizio. Damn you,!
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I missed a lunch date with [ profile] sarahmichigan this afternoon. I feel bad about not contacting her until it was too late. It would have been nice to catch up with her.

I will attend to business this afternoon. I need to stay focused and complete all the tasks on my to-do list.

Rock out

Jan. 6th, 2010 12:26 pm
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MSNBC reported in its scrolling banner yesterday that Soundgarden has reunited and perhaps will announce tour dates this year.

I still remember going up to [ profile] vylar_kaftan and [ profile] royhuggins on campus and letting them know the band had broken up. Vy was especially disappointed. So this post is mostly for her. :)

Edit: Not many big-ticket news outlets saying much about this, but I did find a small article. Oh, and here's something from SF Gate.
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I received no gifts today and only three overall: my father presented me with a $10 giftcard to Borders (he knows me so well), and [ profile] netmouse and [ profile] sarahmichigan both sent me books of stamps (hooray!).

The only person I gave anything to was [ profile] lameautarch: I treated him to an opening-weekend showing of Avatar at the local IMAX theater. (The ticket prices were well worth the effects; however, we should have eaten beforehand instead of paying through the absolute nose for snacks.)

Last night, he took me to spend Christmas Eve with his extended family. Nice (if sometimes silly) conversation, lovely food, good company.

I am thankful for my family and friends. Without their support and love, I don't know where I would be. I thank every one of you for being in my life.
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Happy birthday, [ profile] flinx! I wish I could have made the celebration. Hope you and everyone else had fun!


Oct. 29th, 2009 12:43 pm
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Kathy is out of the hospital and appears to be in good spirits. She hears back from the cardiologist this week.

Also, she and I have talked about the possibility of catching Rocky Horror Picture Show for Halloween, as it falls on a Saturday.
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Kathy, one of my good friends on the shelter's fourth floor, was taken to the hospital by stretcher late last night. Pam, who is closest to her, accompanied her to the hospital. This morning, Pam said Kathy is for the moment stable, but they're keeping her for a battery of tests. This afternoon, her significant other told me the doctors think she has blood clots in her lungs--pulmonary embolism.

Kathy is a very cool, down-to-earth lady who is not afraid to voice her opinion. She's also a breast cancer survivor. If you believe in prayer or healing thoughts and have the inclination to send some her way, I know she could use it.
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My friend Rosa has been determined to give me a head massage. She says that other people adore it and feel that it reinvigorates them both emotionally and physically. I wasn't too keen on the idea, but I let her do it once. It didn't do much for me.

Last night, she gave me a hug after coming in from work, then proceeded to put her hands on my head. I tried to squirm out of it, but she was (as I said) determined. At the time, I was trying to read a book and eat, which I certainly couldn't do simultaneously while she had my skull in her grip. The food took a seat on the backburner.

I guess things would have commenced in such a way--Rosa with her hands so intent, me resigned--until we got to a point where she seemed to let up. I thanked her and said I wouldn't need any more. She said, "Give me three more minutes." She didn't really wait for an answer. Then she started breathing heavily and agitating her movement. That's when I had to put my foot down.

I explained to her later that I'd grown up in a church that conducted faith healing, and I was not a believer in it--in fact, I left that church when I was nine, with such ceremonies as one of the reasons for my apostasy.

There shall be no breathing on my scalp or laying on of hands unless it's by my significant other.


Oct. 9th, 2009 04:56 pm
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I managed to make someone cry today. It was someone I consider a friend; I wasn't even trying to be mean; and all of this occurred before 8 in the morning.

I was being critical, though again not in a mean way. This person had opened a door for someone and then pointed this out to the person in a loud voice when she didn't acknowledge the effort. I said to my friend that she should be kind without expecting thanks--that one should accomplish acts of kindness out of selflessness instead of seeking acknowledgments from others. My tone was light, in a gently teasing way, and a smile was on my face as I spoke.

These words brought tears to her eyes. This had the effect of necessitating that I apologize, which of course I would have done no matter what had caused the crying. However, I suspect that by taking offense she will completely ignore the content of what I said, which again was not delivered in a cruel way.
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Last night, well after most people were in bed asleep (including my roommates), I realized I was hungry. I wanted to stir up more of my zucchini saute dish, but I was afraid that the sound of cooking would wake others in the house. However, I'd previously baked after midnight, which didn't cause any disruptions in their sleep cycles. Also, the idea of baking the zucchini sounded scrumptious at that moment.

So I prepared the veggies, stirred everything together, topped it with marinara sauce and cheese and set the dish in the oven. What I hadn't counted on was the fact that I eyeballed the amount of the ingredients, including the spices--the garlic powder in particular.

While I was online, pondering whether scents influenced what one dreamt of, one of my roommates came out and made mention of the smell. He put on the fan above the stove, which again I was worried about in terms of sound. But the fan was fairly quiet that far away from the kitchen, and within 20 minutes the fragrance of garlic had dissipated significantly.

Lesson learned.
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How is it that I didn't realize it was August already? [ profile] netmouse had to clue me in.

This weekend will be all about TW, as I have put it on the back burner for the last two weeks. This will please my editor. SV will see some activity, too, but not nearly as much.
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[ profile] davidfcooper, P&W did list me in their directory! I have you to thank.
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Happy birthday, [ profile] vylar_kaftan & [ profile] dionysus1999!

(Also, happy belated birthday, [ profile] rikhei! I hope you got my non-electronic birthday wishes in the last week.)


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