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The psychology of hate: How we deny human beings their humanity

Why Must the News Be So Newsy? -- This is an interesting counterpoint to Neil Postman's Amusing Ourselves to Death, which I've been rereading as it's now available in PDF.

The Indian sanitary pad revolutionary -- This is actually a very good read, inducing such questions as, "How does a married adult male not know that menstrual cycles occur only monthly?"

High-protein diets: Bad for the middle-aged, good for the elderly -- nuts & legumes are beneficial, though

Could a Gene Mutation Prevent Type 2 Diabetes?

Flies Are Turned on by Laser
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Riley Cooper May Have Bigger Problems Ahead -- Philadelphia Eagles' player who said some of the most racially offensive stuff I've heard in at least the last three weeks

Blacks, Hispanics More Optimistic than Whites -- Economically speaking. Of course, minorities have less to lose & more to potentially gain than their Caucasian counterparts.

Illinois governor signs law allowing medical marijuana -- Still, don't speed in the state of Illinois. Rabid cops there.

For males, monogamy can have evolutionary benefits -- less infanticide

'There Is No Pressure for a Girl to Be a Girl': My quest to understand why some of my female friends are drawn to the frattiest social club on campus

Babies given away live on air in Pakistani talk show -- How does anything on reality television top this?

Inca Child Sacrifice Victims Were Drugged: Mummy hair reveals that young victims were heavy users of coca and alcohol
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Paula Deen's Food Network contract won't be renewed -- "The Food Network said Friday it's dumping Paula Deen, barely an hour after the celebrity cook posted a videotaped apology online begging forgiveness from fans and critics troubled by her admission to having used racial slurs in the past."

Unattractive, mean people may be more likely to be bullied at work -- The pretty, mean people fare better.

Ruins of hidden Maya city, Chactun, discovered in Mexico

Scientists create detailed 3-D model of human brain
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Some Say the Spelling of a Winning Word Just Wasn't Kosher (NYT)

Sorry, Cinderella: Not everyone thinks attractive women must have petite feet

6 Women Scientists Who Were Snubbed Due to Sexism (thanks, [personal profile] supergee)

Vinegar screening helps cut cervical cancer deaths in India: study

Healthy lifestyle habits may improve your memory too -- "Researchers say they were surprised to find that about 14% of the youngest group (ages 18-39) complained about their memory. About 22% of middle-age adults (ages 40-59) and 26% of older adults (ages 60-99) did."

Drug shrinks tumors in metastatic thyroid cancer -- "Although metastatic thyroid cancer sometimes progresses slowly, it's always fatal, with patients surviving only about three years after diagnosis."

Conn. Bill Would Keep Some Newtown Records Private -- "[I]t appears to make the Newtown killings more important than the dozens of other killings in Connecticut each year. [Critics] also question the bill being drafted in secrecy and not being subjected to the public hearing process like other bills are."

eBay bidding soars for NY morgue fridge
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Vulnerable homeless men try to foil Orange County killer: Three transients have been stabbed to death since last month. Some are banding together for protection, and police and missions are helping.

NAACP blasts Santorum for targeting blacks in entitlement reform

Gingrich singles out blacks in food stamp remark

Eighth-Grader Killed By Police: What Went Wrong -- It's a testimony to my growing cynicism that I immediately wondered, upon hearing about this incident, whether the student was nonwhite. My suspicions were confirmed.

The killing of Stephen Lawrence ended Britain's denial about racism: An emotional connection was made that meant white people saw past skin colour -- The sad thing is that most Americans haven't heard about Mr. Lawrence. Also, this happened in 1993; what was going on in the US around that time? In terms of race: The L.A. riots, O.J. Simpson, Rodney King.

Addendum to above: The Macpherson Report: The Stephen Lawrence Inquiry (PDF)
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Jewish zealots strike fear in flashpoint Israel town -- "An ultra-Orthodox man in Beit Shemesh, identified only as Moshe, admitted on Israel's Channel 2 television there were spitting attacks at young girls. 'That's right, they are immodest. It bothers me, I am a healthy person. It is proper to spit on a girl who does not conduct herself according to the Torah,' Moshe said."

Addendum to above: Israeli Girl, 8, at Center of Tension Over Religious Extremism (NYT) | See also Gender insanity -- Op/Ed in the Jerusalem Post

Pink Stuff: Little Girl In Toy Store Rails Against Gender Stereotypes

The Nurse-In: Why Breast-Feeding Mothers Are Mad at Target | Breastfeeding at Target: Moms Stage National Demonstration -- You may or may not want to read the responses to this article. Wow.

Girls on the Spectrum: Q & A with the Author of Aspergirls
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Police employ Predator drone spy planes on home front

Ohio Civil Rights Commission to revisit 'white only' pool case -- Lest this sound too familiar, this is not the case from Pennsylvania.

Target Employees Harass and Humiliate Breastfeeding Mom

'Occupy' protests trigger envy, ire in Generation X -- I don't entirely agree with this article; I'm curious to discover who wrote it & his/her generational status. As a Gen Xer, I can say that not many issues of importance countenanced the type of protest now going on. In high school, I spoke out against the Gulf War, which only lasted four months. When the Iraq War was on our doorstep, I went (with the help of to D.C. to march. Not much else has been going on that required moral rebuff.
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Oh, it's been a while. I've been working the project & altered a few of my online habits, so I haven't been on LJ much lately. That soon will change: the project should end tomorrow.

I drop by, however, not for that update, but rather to mark the occasion of bin Laden's death.

It seems a lot of people are thrilled by this man's demise. I'm rather appalled at Americans cheering this event. We should be relieved that a dark chapter of our history has turned a page, if not been closed altogether. We as a nation needed psychological closure. Each of the families who lost someone needed that closure.

But to drink & celebrate? That is ugly. That is vulgar. That is low.
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The Unbearable Whiteness of Pro-Lifers and Pundits -- the problem with the idea that fetuses should be equated with Dred Scott (thanks, [personal profile] supergee)

Color-Coded Threat Levels Being Chucked -- They've served their political purpose.

Taco Bell defends its mixture of seasoned meat -- "According to [Taco Bell's] Web site, ingredients used to season the Taco Bell meat include salt, chili pepper, onion powder, tomato powder, oats, soy lectithin, sugar, soybean oil, garlic powder, yeast extract, citric acid and cocoa powder." (thanks for the heads-up, [profile] fizzyland)

Historian Allegedly Tampered With Lincoln Documents -- Unbelievable.

Latest Drug Craze Is Bath Salts?! -- Ummm . . . .
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Finger Bone Points to New Branch of Humanity -- "A finger bone from Siberia now reveals a previously unknown group of ancient humans once existed there, one neither like us nor Neanderthals."

Neanderthals Fashioned Earliest Tool Made From Human Bone

Lost Civilization May Have Existed Beneath the Persian Gulf

Young Female Chimps Use Sticks as 'Dolls': Study finds correlation with human play

'Impulsive' Gene Identified in Finnish Men -- "The gene mutation affects the action of the neurotransmitter serotonin, a hormone known to be related to self-control, according to the researchers."

Kids With Autism May Lack Key Visual Skills, Study Finds: They have difficulty searching effectively for objects in real-life setting, researchers say

Imperfect Brain Cells Have Gender Biases -- "'It's the kind of thing you would not predict--that you would look at two identical faces and think they look different,' said Arash Afraz, a psychologist at MIT's McGovern Institute for Brain Research."

Race, Sex Play Part in Hypertension Risk: Where you live also factors into the equation, study found

Chernobyl Woos Tourists with Promise of 'Negligible' Risk -- "The area around Chernobyl is scheduled to open to visitors next year."
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The phone book came today, & I marveled at how tiny it is compared to last year's. The latter is 8.5" x 10.5" x 1.5"; the former, 7" x 8.5" x 1".

Flipping through it, I realized that it had businesses only. But it wasn't just the white pages. I looked at the cover & saw that the publisher directs the consumer to "find residential listings at".

Wow. What hubris. Not everyone has access to a computer (or to the Internet; lest one forget, they are not one in the same). Especially when all one wants to do is look up a phone number.

Poor people still exist. They still need to use the telephone, too.
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German Chancellor Angela Merkel says German multicultural society has failed

Mrs Merkel stressed that immigrants living in Germany needed to do more to integrate, including learning to speak German.

"Anyone who does not immediately speak German", she said, "is not welcome".

Wow. Most of the time I admire Ms. Merkel, but in this instance it seems like she's trying to compete for Arizona's governorship.


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