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Theodore Wafer guilty of 2nd-degree murder, manslaughter in porch shooting

Daughter hopes arrested Tulsa police officers will 'rot in prison' for fatal shooting of boyfriend | Police report: Tulsa officer fatally shoots daughter's boyfriend -- Yep. I was not surprised to find that the new boyfriend was not entirely without color. Call me cynical (though I'm still striving against that).

McDaniel Staffer Implicated in Paying Man to Concoct Vote-Selling Story

Remains of Jonestown Massacre victims found at Delaware funeral home -- The story of Jonestown still fascinates me, as I would have been a toddler at the time & so my parents would have shielded me from such news. (Although I was born in 1975, my parents didn't mention Watergate until I was in college. They've never said anything about the hostage crisis of 1979, when I would have been four years old.) How is it that this story is still making news? So sad.

Oklahoma teacher shows up to school drunk, not wearing pants: sheriff
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The Case for Reparations -- I'm still wading through this, as the article is long. But Ta-Nehisi Coates is always a worthwhile read, so I'm listing this sight partially unseen.

Tennessee man sues employer over 'white water fountain' | Cotton Warehouse Supervisor To Black Employees: 'That's When We Hang You'

GOP's firing squad idiocy: The hypocrisy of "humane executions"

The one thing Neil deGrasse Tyson got wrong

Chimps ace out humans in test of strategic thinking

Sleep's memory role discovered -- "[B]y disrupting specific phases of sleep, the research group showed deep or slow-wave sleep was necessary for memory formation. During this stage, the brain was 'replaying' the activity from earlier in the day."

Watercress tops list of 'powerhouse fruits and vegetables.' Who knew?
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Court: Marotta is a father, not merely a sperm donor -- "A Topeka man who donated sperm to a lesbian couple is the presumptive father to a baby one of the woman bore and is subject to paying child support, a Shawnee County District Court judge ruled Wednesday." This ruling really should not stand, IMO. The women were not seeking child support but rather the state.

Reno police cite 5, arrest 3 men and women during prostitution sting -- This just strikes me as incredibly stupid. This is the one state in the Union where prostitution is legal & these people can't travel outside one of the few counties where the practice is unsanctioned? Talk about shortsighted. Seriously: taxi drivers would be happy to ferry customers to any of the licensed brothels, as they get a cut of the negotiated price for any rendezvous. There is no excuse, save being extraordinarily cheap.

Your pot or your gun? Medical marijuana smokers may have to choose -- This law is unconstitutional on its face. As one of the comments stated, "known alcoholics" don't cede their 2nd Amendment rights by virtue of substance use. Those prescribed oxycodone & other legalized forms of heroin aren't punished in such a fashion. I didn't know there was a way to get me to be a 2nd Amendment advocate, but apparently someone devised a controversy that's done precisely that.

Scientists discover how sodium controls opioid receptor signaling

Oily fish 'can increase brain size'

Archaeologists find remains of previously unknown pharaoh in Egypt | Pharaoh's tomb sheds light on shadowy Egyptian dynasty
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Bogus Nelson Mandela interpreter was among group who burned 2 men to death, say friends

Florida police say man lied about abandoned baby -- The whole situation could have been averted, as "under Florida law, a newborn can be left at a public place, such as a fire station or police station without any legal repercussions."

Oakland Teen Declared Brain Dead Days After Routine Tonsil Surgery -- I wonder if her wounds were properly cauterized. One of my closest friends had surgery to remove polyps from his throat & he also experienced heavy bleeding due to improper procedures.

Ancient Pig-Shaped Baby Bottle Found

Can women get sex whenever they like?

Thousands of Germans get warning letters for watching copyrighted porn: Letters ask recipients to pay €250 fine for watching films on streaming website -- I tell you, if I receive one of those letters, I'm not paying shite.
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Elephants 'understand human gesture'

Jellyfish-Shredding Robots Tested in Korea -- "Some scientists are arguing that shredding the jellyfish would result in rise in population by discharging sperm and eggs into the water. Probably, most of these eggs will fertilize leading to an increased population."

Happy marriage may be all in your genes: A study of married people and their genotypes over 13 years found that people with a certain type of gene variant are less likely to tolerate emotional discord in their marriage, while people with a different type of variant were less bothered by it

Laughter -- from American Scientist

Tanganyika's Laughing Epidemic -- In 1962 portions of Tanzania were paralyzed by the social contagion.
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Early this morning, I caught a fifteen-minute clip on CSPAN of Sen. McCarthy in 1952, after he had asserted Communists had infiltrated our government but before he had subpoena power (the Republicans had yet to win that year's congressional election). I jotted down a couple of the names of people the interviewers said had endorsed McCarthy (one was Gerald Smith). McCarthy was very genial yet declined to disavow any of those endorsements.

So I began researching, as I am wont to do. By the by I came across the declassified executive subcommittee hearing transcripts. These just became available five years ago, fifty years after the fact.

Anyway, I've just stepped my toe in the water--am at page 58 of 950--but I came across a fantastic quote from one Russell W. Duke:

[E]go is an anesthesia provided by nature to deaden the pain of a damned fool[.]

& I had to preserve that because it rings so true.
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The Unbearable Whiteness of Pro-Lifers and Pundits -- the problem with the idea that fetuses should be equated with Dred Scott (thanks, [personal profile] supergee)

Color-Coded Threat Levels Being Chucked -- They've served their political purpose.

Taco Bell defends its mixture of seasoned meat -- "According to [Taco Bell's] Web site, ingredients used to season the Taco Bell meat include salt, chili pepper, onion powder, tomato powder, oats, soy lectithin, sugar, soybean oil, garlic powder, yeast extract, citric acid and cocoa powder." (thanks for the heads-up, [profile] fizzyland)

Historian Allegedly Tampered With Lincoln Documents -- Unbelievable.

Latest Drug Craze Is Bath Salts?! -- Ummm . . . .
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The other day I happened upon a documentary on the Discovery Channel about the Lizzie Borden case. I knew some of the particulars but had never gotten any in-depth information about the subject. So, even though the show was a bit sensational in its presentation, it sparked my interest.

Yesterday I came across The Trial of Lizzie Borden, which presents not just an overview but also trial transcripts, photos, even autopsy information. I'm currently finishing the inquest testimony of Lizzie herself, which was excluded from her trial.

I don't know why the case is so fascinating to me, but it is. I wonder if the O.J. trial will be similarly interesting to someone a century from now.
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Antimatter Trapped For the First Time (thanks, [profile] eposia)

Pope Benedict 'condones condom use in some cases' -- "In a book due to be published on Tuesday, he said they could reduce the risk of infection with HIV, such as for a prostitute." I am amazed & bemused that it took prostitution to get the Vatican to approve condom use.

Placenta 'has key role' in determining pregnancy length -- I have some issues with the language at the end. Striving for nutrients is not a "war", it's a contest. The placenta is not a "battleground". Words mean for a reason.

The Untold Story of Queen Aliquippa (thanks, [profile] johanna_hypatia)
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[profile] flinx relates a passage about tap dancing in the 1840s, to which I directed him to the film Bamboozled.

Then, at iMDb, I come to an article wherein Spike Lee, the director of the above, does in real life what he castigates in that very film.

As my friend Serita would say, shut the noise.
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PETA game asks kids to take out evil clowns and save elephants

Body parts found in shark 'belong to missing sailor'

Hitler's car gift to Nepal king to be used again -- "A car said to have been a gift from Adolf Hitler to a Nepali king will be repaired and used to drive visitors around the grounds of a palace museum, a government official said on Thursday."

Greeks find human skulls in luggage of U.S. tourists -- macabre curios
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Archaeologists discover Britain's 'oldest house'

Male pond skaters 'bully females' into having sex

Cattle 'cloned from dead animals' -- "Some of the cattle cloned to boost food production in the US have been created from the cells of dead animals, according to a US cloning company."


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