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Michigan township rebels after new chief beefs up police force -- To police 3,900 people, do you really need 40 reserve officers, two Humvees and two armored personnel carriers?

Missing Oregon Mom Found Dead: Police -- Someone on DailyKos diaried about this woman about a fortnight ago; she's his niece. Very sad.

How to identify a narcissist with one simple question

Little Video Game Playing Linked To Better Social Skills -- "When compared to non-players and those who played very frequently, those [teenagers] who played video games for less than an hour were associated with the highest levels of sociability and were most likely to say they were satisfied with their lives."

Company Pays Settlement in Buckets of Loose Change: The coins amounts to more than $21,000
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Why do men prefer nice women?: Responsiveness and desire -- Good description of study.

Science of dating: why playing hard to get only works for men -- Not so good description. It's not that "[m]en should play hard to get if they want to attract the opposite sex on a first date otherwise women will see them as unmanly or manipulative," it's that being overly responsive & agreeable will set off red flags. On a first date? Ingratiating oneself is never a good mating strategy, but many women will indeed see it as such: a mating strategy, not one for building a relationship (especially not between equals).

Lesson: Don't be smarmy.

Man dressed as Spider-Man punches NYPD cop in Times Square, authorities say -- I love how the Daily News just uses a pic of a random guy in a Spidey suit, not of the alleged criminal himself so outfitted.

2 injured when cable on Ohio amusement park ride snaps | Two people hurt after cable snaps on Skyhawk at Cedar Point -- Bad news for my favorite amusement park. Never been on that ride, though, and probably won't any time soon.

Learning the smell of fear: Mothers teach babies their own fears via odor, U of Michigan research finds: Research in rats may help explain how trauma's effects can span generations

My Rapist Was a Sweetheart -- I'd been avoiding Huff Post since their posting access restrictions changed. Against my better judgment, I clicked on this, mainly because the subject is part of the national conversation right now. This article is really not good, not for its content per se, but for its structure. I'm not just talking about mechanical errors (though those irk me, especially as the byline lists the author as an "editor"); no, the main problem is that it starts out as anecdote, then abandons that midway through. What happened the rest of the way home with her friend? What did they talk about after Terry Richardson came up in conversation? Did they have a blow-up? Are they still friends? You don't abandon a story midstream. Tie loose ends, dammit.
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Ex-NYPD cop charged with hate crime over anti-Jewish graffiti in Brooklyn

How Oklahoma's Botched Execution Affects the Death-Penalty Debate

Condoleezza Rice latest graduation speaker to back out amid protests

Three students expelled for harassment at California college: report -- Remember the incident with the bike lock around a student's neck? That's this one.

Did Floyd Mayweather Use Abortion Rumor to Punish His Ex?

Wider Hips may Suggest a more Promiscuous Woman: Study -- I suppose this is not the time to give out my measurements.

Diners believe a meal is tastier the more they have paid for it, say researchers -- Like The Dave Matthews Band once intoned, "You pay for what you get." (This may indeed be cognitive dissonance at work, where the consumer, having paid so much for the meal, convinces him- or herself that it must be worth the cost, because otherwise they would experience self-criticism for spending beyond the meal's intrinsic value.)
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The psychology of hate: How we deny human beings their humanity

Why Must the News Be So Newsy? -- This is an interesting counterpoint to Neil Postman's Amusing Ourselves to Death, which I've been rereading as it's now available in PDF.

The Indian sanitary pad revolutionary -- This is actually a very good read, inducing such questions as, "How does a married adult male not know that menstrual cycles occur only monthly?"

High-protein diets: Bad for the middle-aged, good for the elderly -- nuts & legumes are beneficial, though

Could a Gene Mutation Prevent Type 2 Diabetes?

Flies Are Turned on by Laser
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Lunches seized from kids in debt at Salt Lake City elementary: School officials cite unpaid balances on students' meal accounts | Utah school district apologises after meals taken away from pupils -- To really get to the depth of the story, realize that the students--elementary students--were served a full lunch, then had that lunch thrown away in front of them & replaced with fruit & a milk. The food could not be served to another student because of protocol. The food was wasted & then on top of that more food had to be expended to give to the kids. This was not just cruel but stupid.

Looking at photos online can change the way you eat -- "When people look at too many pictures of food, it can actually make the food less enjoyable. [I]t takes looking at least 60 images to feel that way[.]"
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Yoga in school not same as teaching religion, California judge rules -- Thank goodness, because that suit was bunk.

Poll: Support for gay marriage hits high after ruling

Habits -- good and bad -- stick when you're stressed -- Keep also in mind that it takes about 27 days to reform a bad habit. (I wonder if the disruption tactic at the end of the article would speed up that process?)

Heavy drinking, 'incompatible' drinking tied to divorce, study says -- Some sexism is also at play here.

Why Healthy Eaters Fall for Fries -- "Mr. Fitzsimons called the phenomenon 'vicarious goal fulfillment.' By seeing a healthy menu option at a restaurant, 'it basically satisfies that goal to be healthy,' he said, and gives consumers leeway to order what they want." (NYT)

Why does it cost more to give birth in the US? -- This article could have been much longer with far more details.

Mysterious Pair Buried With Flowers--Oldest Example Yet: Aromatic sage and mint lined graves found on Israel's Mount Carmel -- "The Natufian society [which flourished between 15,000 and 11,600 years ago in an area that is now Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria] was one of the first--possibly the first--to transition from a roaming hunter-gatherer lifestyle to permanent settlements, and was also the first to establish true graveyards[.]"
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Certain parts of the brain activated in people who heard tailored health messages and quit smoking -- dorsomedial prefrontal cortex

NYU researchers identify neural circuits used in processing basic linguistic phrases -- "Surprisingly [...], "Broca's" and "Wernicke's" areas appeared to play no role in the comprehension of [...] basic phrases. Instead [...], results revealed increased activity in the left anterior temporal lobe, followed by increased activity in the ventromedial prefrontal cortex region of the brain during the processing of simple adjective-noun phrases."

Researchers have found how brain cells control their movement to form the cerebral cortex

Making the ‘Irrelevant’ Relevant to Understand Memory and Aging

A Grudge Match between Humanity and Death--Who Wins? -- "[N]ew research [...] shows that being a mindful person not only makes you generally more tolerant and less defensive, but it can also actually neutralize fears of dying and death."

New Baylor Study Shows Higher Job Performance Linked to People Who Are More Honest and Humble

Full Bladder, Better Decisions? Controlling Your Bladder Decreases Impulsive Choices

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