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Todd Akin retreats from 'legitimate rape' apology

Lawmaker Accuses Supreme Court Justices Roberts and Alito of Misleading Senate -- Yeah, and many of us knew it at the time, but nothing can be done about it now.

Forgotten vials of smallpox found near D.C.

Democrats prepared to counter Hobby Lobby -- Good luck with that. I say that with a sarcastic tone, but, really, good luck with that.

New blood test to predict onset of dementia could be 'devastating' for sufferers -- Ridiculousness. If I had the proteins that predicted dementia, you bet your life I would want to know, so I could take measures to stem the tide.

Sex Change: Algae May Point to Origin of Male-Female Split -- Some headlines for this story called the intersex algae "transgender". Hermaphroditic would have been far more accurate & far less offensive.
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Gun Shy: What happened to the Second Amendment at the U.S. Supreme Court this year?

ABA: Lawyers can scour jurors' social media sites -- Yet another reason I won't be migrating to Facebook. It's bad enough (actually probably worse) that employers can demand your social media account particulars.

Christian radio host in Michigan busted in child sex probe, feds say -- "[Balyo] was cuffed while working at a Christian music festival in Gaylord on Friday." It's all about the cover story.

Time-traveling photons connect general relativity to quantum mechanics

Death to high school English: My college students don't understand commas, far less how to write an essay. Is it time to rethink how we teach? -- This article is so true. I read essays written by schoolchildren for a living. The general level of grammatical readiness is atrocious.

Artistic food deemed tastier, scientists and chef show -- "Participants were also willing to pay more for the Kandinsky-inspired plating[.]"
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U.S. Supreme Court will not hear appeal of Chancery Court confidential arbitration ruling -- Yes, a split SCOTUS deigned to leave intact a lower court's decision that secret hearings are unconstitutional.

Warning over burning aborted foetuses -- This is in the UK. Still, when I heard of this, I shrugged. Had this had happened in my life, I wouldn't have blinked. An aborted fetus is recognized quite often as superfluous. (Miscarriages are a different matter.) In any case, the woman involved should be apprised of the options of disposal.

Gwar Singer Dave Brockie, a.k.a. Oderus Urungus, Dead at 50 -- No, I was not a fan. But there were some Backtable inside jokes regarding Gwar (particularly with regards to [profile] xiombarg, IIRC). It's the passing of an era.

Creationists want equal airtime on Cosmos -- Um, no. They want to be the equivalent of trolls, disrupting conversation. Let them secure their own show & see how many people tune in.
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Judge rules Texas same-sex marriage ban unconstitutional

What's in a name? For the wrong Cody Williams, 35 days in jail

California town shaken as police officers arrested -- "A California farming town was grappling Wednesday with a profound violation of trust after learning the acting police chief and a handful of officers were charged with selling or giving away the impounded cars of poor Hispanic residents and other crimes."

German study finds cannabis use triggered 2 deaths
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Supreme Court ruling eases police search of suspect's home -- "The Supreme Court on Tuesday handed a victory to law enforcement agencies by making it easier for police to search a dwelling without a warrant. The court held on a 6-3 vote that police can search a home without a warrant, even if the suspect has objected, as long as he is no longer on the scene and a co-tenant gives consent." Moral? Live alone.

Indiana lawmakers back off religious discrimination proposal -- Where are these people coming from? It's a veritable onslaught.

Many L.A. Unified school libraries, lacking staff, are forced to shut

Tetris can Reduce Cravings for Food, Cigarettes or Alcohol, Study Reports

Sex Addicted Mammal Species Discovered In Australia; Males Have So Much Sex They Die Early
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Spanking bill dies in Kansas House committee

Life after Jordan Davis, Trayvon Martin: Shore weighs in on race, violence

Jacksonville Sheriff John Rutherford favors changing Stand Your Ground

Rhode Island police chiefs to consider use of Narcan

Searching Walker emails is the rage in Wisconsin -- "More than 900,000 people signed the recall petition, and their signatures have been posted online in a database now used to vet political candidates, elected officials, co-workers, and sometimes even friends. Last summer, Walker rescinded the appointment of a University of Wisconsin-Platteville student to the UW Board of Regents after the student confirmed he had signed the recall petition."

Master monkey's brain controls sedated 'avatar' -- "The brain of one monkey has been used to control the movements of another, 'avatar', monkey, US scientists report. Brain scans read the master monkey's mind and were used to electrically stimulate the avatar's spinal cord, resulting in controlled movement. The team hope the method can be refined to allow paralysed people to regain control of their own body."

Fatwa forbids Muslims from traveling to Mars
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Court: Marotta is a father, not merely a sperm donor -- "A Topeka man who donated sperm to a lesbian couple is the presumptive father to a baby one of the woman bore and is subject to paying child support, a Shawnee County District Court judge ruled Wednesday." This ruling really should not stand, IMO. The women were not seeking child support but rather the state.

Reno police cite 5, arrest 3 men and women during prostitution sting -- This just strikes me as incredibly stupid. This is the one state in the Union where prostitution is legal & these people can't travel outside one of the few counties where the practice is unsanctioned? Talk about shortsighted. Seriously: taxi drivers would be happy to ferry customers to any of the licensed brothels, as they get a cut of the negotiated price for any rendezvous. There is no excuse, save being extraordinarily cheap.

Your pot or your gun? Medical marijuana smokers may have to choose -- This law is unconstitutional on its face. As one of the comments stated, "known alcoholics" don't cede their 2nd Amendment rights by virtue of substance use. Those prescribed oxycodone & other legalized forms of heroin aren't punished in such a fashion. I didn't know there was a way to get me to be a 2nd Amendment advocate, but apparently someone devised a controversy that's done precisely that.

Scientists discover how sodium controls opioid receptor signaling

Oily fish 'can increase brain size'

Archaeologists find remains of previously unknown pharaoh in Egypt | Pharaoh's tomb sheds light on shadowy Egyptian dynasty
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Same-sex parents win lawsuit: A judge rules their child's birth certificate should list both women as legal parents. -- Yay Des Moines!

Physicists Seek To Lose The Lecture As Teaching Tool -- Some of this may shake out to be true, but the conclusion doesn't follow from the discovery. As one of the comments said, the author doesn't take into account the benefit of taking notes. In my experience, the best learning process is 1) reading the material, 2) listening to the lecture & 3) taking handwritten notes. Also, one shouldn't necessarily extrapolate from physics as a subject to all subjects.

Maryland docs push for more stringent oversight on stents

Patterns of connections reveal brain functions: Neuroscientists identify face-recognition areas based on what parts of the brain they link to -- "No two people have the exact same fusiform gyrus structure, but using connectivity patterns, the researchers can now accurately predict which parts of an individual's fusiform gyrus are involved in face recognition."
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Anwar al-Aulaqi's assassination by the President was wrong. Simple as that. American citizens should not be targeted for death by the President. He should have been sought & brought back for trial, particularly since he was a propagandist, not a soldier in the field of battle. That's what the rule of law means. President Obama says we are a nation of laws, but he took the law in his own hands & made himself judge, jury & executioner.

This is the beginning of the end. Seriously. If this appropriation of power goes to the Executive Branch without challenge, then we've essentially sanctioned disappearings, secret police, political imprisonings, the whole works. If the President can label an American citizen an enemy of the state & have that person killed without trial, there's no limit to that person's power. We might as well stop pretending & admit that we've reverted to a de facto monarchy.

Edit: Apparently Juan Cole agrees with this sentiment & articulates why. (found via DailyKos comment) See also Digby at Hullaballoo.


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