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I'm still recovering from how crack-delicious my dinner tonight is/has been. Anyway.

James Brady, former White House press secretary, dies at 73 -- When could we expect another conservative gun-control advocate? Especially one who did not experience such a personal attack? Best to the Brady family.

Six Philadelphia narcotics officers arrested for robbing dealers -- "The 42-page indictment describes scenes that Hollywood would have trouble topping, including a 2007 robbery during which Norman allegedly held a man over an 18th floor balcony to get him to divulge the password to his handheld computer."

Tennessee Denies Public Assistance To Drug Users -- Error: just because someone may have used drugs in their life history does not mean that they are currently abusing drugs. Bad interpretation, bad policy.

Eating Fish Makes Your Brain Healthier, Study Says | Fish Consumption Linked to College Education -- NOT linked to omega-3 intake, amazingly enough.

Oxytocin Isn't Lacking In Children With Autism, Researchers Say

Lego sells out of Research Institute set after responding to 7-year old girl's request

Forget Charcoal Versus Gas. The Best Way to Grill a Steak Is With Molten Lava.
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The Case for Reparations -- I'm still wading through this, as the article is long. But Ta-Nehisi Coates is always a worthwhile read, so I'm listing this sight partially unseen.

Tennessee man sues employer over 'white water fountain' | Cotton Warehouse Supervisor To Black Employees: 'That's When We Hang You'

GOP's firing squad idiocy: The hypocrisy of "humane executions"

The one thing Neil deGrasse Tyson got wrong

Chimps ace out humans in test of strategic thinking

Sleep's memory role discovered -- "[B]y disrupting specific phases of sleep, the research group showed deep or slow-wave sleep was necessary for memory formation. During this stage, the brain was 'replaying' the activity from earlier in the day."

Watercress tops list of 'powerhouse fruits and vegetables.' Who knew?
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The psychology of hate: How we deny human beings their humanity

Why Must the News Be So Newsy? -- This is an interesting counterpoint to Neil Postman's Amusing Ourselves to Death, which I've been rereading as it's now available in PDF.

The Indian sanitary pad revolutionary -- This is actually a very good read, inducing such questions as, "How does a married adult male not know that menstrual cycles occur only monthly?"

High-protein diets: Bad for the middle-aged, good for the elderly -- nuts & legumes are beneficial, though

Could a Gene Mutation Prevent Type 2 Diabetes?

Flies Are Turned on by Laser
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Financial worries lower thinking ability: Financial worries can reduce your ability to think about other things and effectively reduce your IQ by 13 points, according to a new study | more | even more | even even more

Men secretly want their wives to fail: Men feel worse about themselves when their wives or girlfriends succeed, especially in an area where they have failed -- "When comparing all the results, the researchers found that it didn't matter if the achievements or failures were social or intellectual, men subconsciously felt worse about themselves when their partner succeeded than when she failed."

Addicted to Facebook fame? Blame your brain's nucleus accumbens -- "That little knot of neurons also plays a part in how good you feel about financial gain — but in a series of experiments, researchers in Germany found that Facebook usage seems more closely related to a boost in reputation than a boost in the bank account."

Fruit juice linked to increased risk of diabetes, new research shows
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Meat vs veg: how does a vegetarian diet stack up? -- Take a guess.

Africa's Worst Drought Tied to West's Pollution -- Chaos theory in action.

Human face look after 100,000 years predicted -- But Stephen Hawking predicts that humans have but 1000 years left, if we don't get off the island planet.
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Some Say the Spelling of a Winning Word Just Wasn't Kosher (NYT)

Sorry, Cinderella: Not everyone thinks attractive women must have petite feet

6 Women Scientists Who Were Snubbed Due to Sexism (thanks, [personal profile] supergee)

Vinegar screening helps cut cervical cancer deaths in India: study

Healthy lifestyle habits may improve your memory too -- "Researchers say they were surprised to find that about 14% of the youngest group (ages 18-39) complained about their memory. About 22% of middle-age adults (ages 40-59) and 26% of older adults (ages 60-99) did."

Drug shrinks tumors in metastatic thyroid cancer -- "Although metastatic thyroid cancer sometimes progresses slowly, it's always fatal, with patients surviving only about three years after diagnosis."

Conn. Bill Would Keep Some Newtown Records Private -- "[I]t appears to make the Newtown killings more important than the dozens of other killings in Connecticut each year. [Critics] also question the bill being drafted in secrecy and not being subjected to the public hearing process like other bills are."

eBay bidding soars for NY morgue fridge
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Lately I've undergone some changes in my diet. Not because I am imposing a diet upon myself, but rather I have had hankerings for items & I have adapted accordingly.

I'm eating more vegetables.

It's rather noticeable. Even my mom made a remark.

The shift began some months ago, so it's hard to call it seismic, even though that's what it feels like. Zucchini was the first to capture my attention. I wanted to find a way to have pizza without so many calories, so I devised a way to have pizza zucchini (very simply, sliced zucchini tossed in olive oil & salt & pepper, covered with pizza sauce & topped with mozzarella). I know that pizza is still not entirely healthy, with all of that cheese, but at least I'm ingesting plant material instead of bread.

It progressed to Brussels sprouts. I discovered that Brussels sprouts go well with cranberries & cranberries go well with pine nuts. This is quite tasty. (Of course, sometimes I need to add crumbled bacon pieces, because the smoky unctuousness of bacon does tie the dish together. This can be a bit daunting, however, to those who may not be used to sweet, salty & savory all in the same dish, as I found out when I brought the side to a potluck.)

Recently, it's been all about asparagus. I've liked asparagus since I first tasted it (helped almost certainly by the fact that I was an adult when that occurred). It has such a tender sweetness. My first instinct is to steam it, but I discovered a nice complement to asparagus, at least when you saute it, is red bell pepper. So that is what I have been craving for the last three weeks or so.

The asparagus craving is dangerous only to my pocketbook, because $2.99/lb starts to really make itself known. Today I spent nearly $12 on the stuff. At least I know it won't go bad, because I will have eaten it within two or three days.

I'm also trying to convert my protein intake from meat to lentils. I've found I love black beans & so have been eating them about once a week. I flavor them with salt, pepper, cumin & coriander; often, I toss in sweet bell pepper & sweet onions/shallots as well. However, I must admit that much of my protein comes from dairy--I can't seem to get away from it. I consume a lot of cheese, but I also have found a yogurt I really like (Muller [with an umlaut]) & frozen yogurt is the one sweet I keep on hand.

Of the flesh proteins I have been eating, I've restricted myself mainly to chicken (boneless, skinless breast) & shrimp. I have ground beef & lamb shoulder in my freezer, but they have been there for a while, for when the mood takes me (chili or my lamb rice dish). I also would be eating more fish, but the type of fish I like is rather expensive (salmon, steelhead) & I only buy it when it's on sale.

So, I guess at this point I'm a flexitarian? I don't feel the need to have a protein at my end-of-the-day meal. The proteins I am consuming are usually not of the red meat variety. I feel good about this change, especially as it has been gradual & organic, not imposed as a weight-loss routine.

Now that I have finished my asparagus & peppers, I will sign off. :)


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