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Aug. 5th, 2014 11:11 pm
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When I matriculated to my alma mater, I was a good fan of Faith No More, who was introduced to me when I was a sophomore in high school. Their music was one of the major influences that got me into alternative music.

In 1996, Merril Bainbridge came out with "Mouth". It was a decent hit, making it to #4 on the charts, if I'm not mistaken. Good song for the moment.

Then FNM came out with "I Started a Joke" not a year later. It took me a while, but I synced the two artists together & figured out that FNM was making fun of the other's release of "Sleeping Dogs". How else was it that they were using the exact same lyrics?

Then it was to come to this year, when I had access to Grooveshark & found that both bands covered a song by the Bee Gees, a band that I have more than nominal respect for. Their songs happened to come out within a year of each other, which is why FNM's song seemed to be a parody. Now I know. Knowing is half the battle.
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West Antarctic Ice Sheet Has Begun to Collapse -- The tipping point has been reached. It's too late.

Police commissioner asked to quit over Obama slur -- Asked to quit, because there are no mechanisms in New Hampshire to remove him forcefully.

Questions linger after Jill Abramson’s dismissal from Times -- 'Abrupt' isn't the word for it.

Kentucky agriculture commissioner asking judge to force DEA to release hemp seeds -- This, combined with continued pursuit of cannabis growers in Washington & Colorado, has prompted calls for Michele Leonhart, the head of the DEA, to step down.

Calm down everybody: McCarthyism isn't coming back just because a rich guy lost his job: Why public outrage against bigots like Donald Sterling has nothing in common with Joe McCarthy's reign of terror

Heaven is for neuroscience: How the brain creates visions of God: Major figures like Joan of Arc and Dostoyevsky claimed supernatural visions. Why their brains could hold the answer -- speculates about temporal lobe epilepsy

Ultra-Fast Robot Can Catch Objects Better Than Humans

Sunken body clue to American origins -- "[A]lthough [Naia] had the slender features associated with the earliest Americans, her DNA shares commonalities with modern Native Americans."

Soundgarden to Perform 'Superunknown' in Full in New York: Tickets to the show cost $19.94 to honor year of record release -- This makes me super-envious. I was so heartbroken when I found out Soundgarden had split. I remember it to this day.
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Old by today's standards. These are songs I never got around to until they were available for free. ([profile] sophiaserpentia directed me to Grooveshark, which has been a revelation.)

So, tonight I'm listening to "How Can I Sing Like a Girl?":

Tell me, how can I sing like a girl
And not be objectified
As if I were a girl?

Suddenly, it came to me that men, as a conglomerate (I'm not condemning the gender as a whole [that is, as a group comprised of individuals]), cannot think of women as intellectual equals precisely because that would mean that their sexual fantasies of females, their conceptualizations of females, were implausible, wrong, unbelievable. God knows that the male gaze, the male idea of sexuality must be correct, so objectification must be a good.

If male sexuality is questioned, then the whole of masculinity is questioned & that can't be countenanced.
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U.S. Supreme Court will not hear appeal of Chancery Court confidential arbitration ruling -- Yes, a split SCOTUS deigned to leave intact a lower court's decision that secret hearings are unconstitutional.

Warning over burning aborted foetuses -- This is in the UK. Still, when I heard of this, I shrugged. Had this had happened in my life, I wouldn't have blinked. An aborted fetus is recognized quite often as superfluous. (Miscarriages are a different matter.) In any case, the woman involved should be apprised of the options of disposal.

Gwar Singer Dave Brockie, a.k.a. Oderus Urungus, Dead at 50 -- No, I was not a fan. But there were some Backtable inside jokes regarding Gwar (particularly with regards to [profile] xiombarg, IIRC). It's the passing of an era.

Creationists want equal airtime on Cosmos -- Um, no. They want to be the equivalent of trolls, disrupting conversation. Let them secure their own show & see how many people tune in.
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'Today' show apologizes for 'offensive' joke about Mandela memorial sign language interpreter -- This is offensive on so many levels.

Probation for drunk Texas teen driver who killed four sparks backlash | Probation, rehab for DWI deaths seems woefully inadequate -- 10 years probation in exchange for parents shelling out nearly a half million dollars on one of the most expensive rehab facilities I've ever heard of. It apparently "specializes in chef-prepared meals, equine therapy, martial-arts training, yoga and nature hikes."

Beastie Boys file countersuit against GoldieBlox over 'Girls' in viral video

California prostitutes may gain victim compensation -- "California officials are considering whether to change a decades-old anti-crime regulation and allow prostitutes to receive money from a victim compensation fund if they're raped or beaten. Under the current system, those harmed in violent crimes can be paid for medical costs and related expenses, but prostitutes are excluded because their activities are illegal."

Yeah, Alec Baldwin Really Is a Bigot -- This article admittedly is in response to a news item that is now weeks-old, but the message that "'[b]igot' isn't a 'global' judgement of someone's character [but rather] a description of how they choose to act" is a good one.

Coates' own rejoinder to the above article: Bigotry and the English Language

Gay Sex Bans: One of the British Empire's Most Enduring Legacies -- Check out the overlay of maps.

Fox News host Megyn Kelly tells kids: Jesus and Santa are both white guys -- The first time I heard of this news story, I immediately chortled. Jesus (if you believe in a historical Jesus) was Jewish! He was described as having "feet of bronze" & kinky hair. I guess that just goes to show how altered the American perspective on Jewish heritage has shifted in the last fifty years. (I won't even address the ridiculousness of maintaining the racial identity of a fictional character.)


Oct. 10th, 2013 07:36 pm
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When I was in college, I headed two hours of radio time. The music was eclectic & when I tried to describe it on the air, I would call much of it "my father's music". My dad's musical taste is certainly instilled in me.

One album I used to listen to all the time growing up was Brasil 88 by Sergio Mendes. In particular, the second song of the first side (it was an LP, of course) captivated me. If you ever get a chance to listen to "Waters of March" by Mendes, don't pass it up.

Not that I have any money for such frivolous purchases at the moment, I decided to look up the album on Amazon anyway. The CD (imported) is selling for $74--used. It's nearly $100 new.

Guess I won't be hearing that song any time soon.
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. . . and I had this vague recollection of music from a video game I played in my teens. So I tracked it down.

Castlevania 2 - Night - Monster Dance
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Chris Cornell is coming to the Michigan Theater this Sunday at 8:00 pm. I have the funds to attend.

I am excited just thinking about going. I'm taking that as a sign.

Hopefully I'll be able to secure tickets before they're sold out. Oh, and transportation. Dammit.

Les Paul

Jun. 9th, 2011 12:18 pm
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I like today's Google motif. It makes me want to pick up an instrument in real life, had I one.


Jun. 1st, 2011 06:40 pm
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There's a jackhammer going on outside my window. I'd just turned on the news, but that was right out with this development.

I have been refraining from using earphones, but I got mine out (if ever there were a situation that called for them, this would be one). Then I had to choose music that would not be too disrupted by the noise. I'm listening to Beastie Boys' Licensed to Ill.

Pretty good choice, actually.
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I love Foo Fighters. Great band. One of many sounds upon which my dad & I agree.

However, I do not love plagiarists.

Now, if this is unthinking plagiarism, then I'm sure the band will have no problem paying the estate of Jimi Hendrix.

"But, Honestly" (from Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace) has a guitar riff that starts about 3:10 minutes into the song that completely rang a bell for me. For days I puzzled as to what song it resembled. Then I happened upon "1983 . . . (A Merman I Should Turn to Be)" from Jimi's Electric Ladyland. The riff begins around 2:30 minutes.

Any other eclectic music listeners out there, compare the two pieces & tell me what you hear.
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State Emergency Operations Center Activated in Response to Oil Spill in Calhoun County

Michigan Governor Warns of Oil Spill Threat (NYT)

Enbridge pipeline breaks, spills 19,500 barrels

(See also my response to [livejournal.com profile] kittenkissies in a previous post.)

This begs the question: why didn't President Obama declare the oil spill in the gulf a disaster so FEMA could get involved? Not that the spill was initially perceived as an emergency (heck, I can't even find a news article dated April 22nd mentioning the explosion), but as time went on he could have said those magic words so as to let experts come in, take measurements, and document the state of the situation from the outset; coordinate medical responses for locals as well as clean-up crews who have become ill in the aftermath; & appear to hold a multibillion-dollar corporation responsible for its mess.

As it is, the president's image has been tarnished by the perception of collusion (not just with the industry in general but with BP in particular). I don't know if that stain can be wiped away. As some portentious lyrics once detailed, "Never shook Satan's hand, look see for yourself / You'd know it if I had, that shit don't come off."


Feb. 18th, 2010 02:17 pm
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My project to transfer my CD collection to my laptop is nearly completed. I have a few titles packed up from my last major move--somewhere (maybe my sister's basement). I really miss those albums: it wasn't until I commenced with this project that I realized how much not having Beck's Guero & Midnite Vultures leaves a hole in my library.

I have over 115 different artists represented. I love being able to see how eclectic my collection really is. Kronos Quartet sidles alongside Karyn White, Kool Moe Dee, L.T.D., Led Zeppelin, Lionel Richie, Live, Lorenna McKennitt & Luther Vandross. Peabo Bryson & Pearl Jam rest side by side, as do Space Ghost & Steely Dan. Afro Celt Sound System & Al Jarreau start the alphabet, where Yanni & Yo-Yo Ma represent the close.

Is your music library varied, or do you tend to stick to a small handful of genres?


Feb. 17th, 2010 05:10 pm
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How is it possible that, when copying tracks from my Tracy Chapman CD onto my hard drive, the music that comes up and overlays is "Paperback Writer" by the Beatles?

Well, playing back the track that was in question ("New Beginning"), the superimposition seems to have vanished.

That was strange.
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My project for the foreseeable future: copy all of my music on hard media to my laptop, so I can eliminate some of the weight I have to lug around every day.


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