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Christie says he was misled on George Washington Bridge lane closures | emails in question -- The scandal widens.

Man gets 8-month sentence in toddler-slapping case -- "Prosecutors had recommended a sentence of six months in prison, and Hundley reserved his right to argue for a lower sentence. U.S. Magistrate Judge Alan Baverman said he imposed a higher sentence in part because of Hundley's criminal history, which includes a previous assault."

What It Means to Be a Public Intellectual -- "Dylan Byers knows nothing of your work, and therefore your work must not exist. [...] The machinery of racism requires no bigotry from Dylan Byers. It merely requires that Dylan Byers sit still."

The Poverty Line Was Designed Assuming Every Family Had a Housewife Who Was a 'Skillful Cook'
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Anthony Weiner must resign.

I hate to say that, because he's been so sharp & outspoken as a Democratic representative. But his efficacy is besides the point, now.
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C-SPAN2 is now covering live the Ethics Committee's findings about former Senator Ensign of Nevada. Sen. Boxer is speaking now, saying in no uncertain terms that Ensign perjured himself & broke the law with his $96,000 "gift" to the husband of his mistress.
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Feds find association between drywall, corrosion -- Chinese products strike again

SC gov faces 37 charges he broke state ethics laws -- Gov. Sanford splashes back in the news

Bishops flex muscle, see opportunities -- "Emboldened by their success in inserting restrictive abortion language into the House health care bill, Roman Catholic bishops say they’ve found a lobbying model that could provide them a louder voice in future policy debates." Erm, I thought it was the idiocy of Stupak. Now I see there is a broader coalition of anti-choice opponents.

Forecast for Dem primaries: Ugly -- a problem generated by Democrats themselves
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Just for kicks, I picked up the Atlantic at the library, mainly to research the level of craft for poetry submissions. I flipped through and decided to read the cover story, "Dear President Bush," an open letter that laid bare the horrors of torture under the Bush administration.

I was not prepared for what I read. I'm not the squeamish type, especially when it comes to text--as an audile, I think in words (specifically word sounds), not images. But even that remove could not keep me from turning my head and wincing no less than thrice. The things done in our collective name, they are hard to digest.

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I missed Obama's speech last night. Ann Arbor's main library does not allow for headphone use by patrons, so I will have to postpone my plan to view the speech on YouTube. In the interim, there is the text of Obama's healthcare speech, which does somewhat pacify me.

However, I was immediately and remain outraged by Congressman Joe Wilson's outburst, the clip of which was broadcast many times in the wake of the event. He should be fully censored by the House. If I were in his district, I'd call on him to resign. That sort of thing just isn't done in that setting. It's the equivalent of catcalling during the State of the Union. It is contemptible.

Wilson says his comments were spontaneous. However, he had an advance copy of the transcript. I think he was unprepared for the spontaneous and overwhelming reaction he elicited.

(It's unfortunate that the Congressman shares his name with the husband of Valerie Plame.)

Tangentially, is it true that FOX refused to air the speech but broadcast clips of Mr. Wilson's apoplexy?
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Call for Oxford poet to resign after sex row

This scandal is about Ruth Padel but incidentally involves Derek Walcott, a very prominent name in poetry circles.

This article is fairly old news (from May), so I'll search to see if there have been any updates. Ah, yes: Oxford professor of poetry Ruth Padel resigns after smear allegations

Well, I certainly came to the party late. Anyone from the UK who has any more interesting tidbits that may have escaped the international press?


Jun. 19th, 2009 11:51 pm
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House impeaches Texas judge accused of sex crimes

U.S. District Judge Samuel B. Kent of Texas pleaded guilty in February, admitting he lied to investigators about nonconsensual sexual contact with two employees in his courthouse. As part of a plea agreement, other counts alleging sexual misconduct were dropped.

Kent was the first federal judge to be charged with sexual crimes while in office.

He has submitted his resignation, but made it effective June 1, 2010, meaning he would be paid for a year while in prison.
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Nevada Sen. John Ensign admits affair

I don't know much about Sen. Ensign. I'll try to find out more tonight. Any Nevadans care to comment?

Usually the procedure would be for him to resign, but after Vitter retained his seat, I have no idea what will be the fallout.


Jan. 20th, 2009 10:51 am
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Something that has really bothered me this past month? The Burris appointment making it through Congress. It will really bolster my spirits when self-serving people stop playing Cards. Burris and his friends played the same race card that Clarence Thomas did, right down to using the word "lynching" to intimidate otherwise reasonable officials and subvert the normal political process. It disappoints me to the core that this tactic was not widely seen and described as such. It shocks me that so many people were willing to consider the fruit of a tainted appointment as legitimate. It is an embarrassment to the Senate as a body and, as far as I'm concerned, a shame to all minorities.
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Update on my feelings about current goings-on:

Blagojevich--You talk about bad apples; this one is thoroughly rotten. His impeachment can't come soon enough. As for the Obama connection, I do believe it is totally guilt by association. For example, Detroit is Michigan's biggest city, but when Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick went down for his corruption, I didn't automatically think that Granholm had something to do with it. People forget that the media (especially the 24-hr news media) is still controlled by conservative interests. They have a stake in tainting Obama's image before he comes into power.

Auto bailout--Amazing what a week makes, yes? This item has dropped out of the news in record time. Bush needs to stop making midnight regulations and start devoting his energy toward throwing Detroit a lifeline. It needs to happen before the end of the year.

Hillary Clinton--I still believe that her appointment to Secretary of State is a mistake. Part of me hopes that technicalities keep her from accepting the position. This same part of me is nonplussed with her supporters' sniping at Caroline Kennedy's attempts to secure Clinton's Senate seat. If Ms. Clinton wanted someone in particular to succeed her, then she should have said something to Gov. Paterson beforehand.

The Shoe--I chuckled all Monday evening. That footage was some of the funniest I've ever seen. I am worried about the reporter, however; there have been reports that he has suffered broken bones and internal bleeding as a result of beatings while in custody.

Hibernation--Did you know that bears in Russian zoos have yet to hibernate?

The Fed--The Fed has overseen two of the worst economic disasters in its history: the Great Depression and now this (what some have called the Great Repression). Now they are throwing money at the problem (directly spurring inflation) and cutting rates to the point where they cannot do so anymore. What happens if things worsen and they are unable to act? As someone said today on the news, you can't offer rates in the negatives: you can't pay someone to borrow money from you.


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