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The Case for Reparations -- I'm still wading through this, as the article is long. But Ta-Nehisi Coates is always a worthwhile read, so I'm listing this sight partially unseen.

Tennessee man sues employer over 'white water fountain' | Cotton Warehouse Supervisor To Black Employees: 'That's When We Hang You'

GOP's firing squad idiocy: The hypocrisy of "humane executions"

The one thing Neil deGrasse Tyson got wrong

Chimps ace out humans in test of strategic thinking

Sleep's memory role discovered -- "[B]y disrupting specific phases of sleep, the research group showed deep or slow-wave sleep was necessary for memory formation. During this stage, the brain was 'replaying' the activity from earlier in the day."

Watercress tops list of 'powerhouse fruits and vegetables.' Who knew?
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West Antarctic Ice Sheet Has Begun to Collapse -- The tipping point has been reached. It's too late.

Police commissioner asked to quit over Obama slur -- Asked to quit, because there are no mechanisms in New Hampshire to remove him forcefully.

Questions linger after Jill Abramson’s dismissal from Times -- 'Abrupt' isn't the word for it.

Kentucky agriculture commissioner asking judge to force DEA to release hemp seeds -- This, combined with continued pursuit of cannabis growers in Washington & Colorado, has prompted calls for Michele Leonhart, the head of the DEA, to step down.

Calm down everybody: McCarthyism isn't coming back just because a rich guy lost his job: Why public outrage against bigots like Donald Sterling has nothing in common with Joe McCarthy's reign of terror

Heaven is for neuroscience: How the brain creates visions of God: Major figures like Joan of Arc and Dostoyevsky claimed supernatural visions. Why their brains could hold the answer -- speculates about temporal lobe epilepsy

Ultra-Fast Robot Can Catch Objects Better Than Humans

Sunken body clue to American origins -- "[A]lthough [Naia] had the slender features associated with the earliest Americans, her DNA shares commonalities with modern Native Americans."

Soundgarden to Perform 'Superunknown' in Full in New York: Tickets to the show cost $19.94 to honor year of record release -- This makes me super-envious. I was so heartbroken when I found out Soundgarden had split. I remember it to this day.
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Woman Finds Body While Hunting for Easter Eggs in Her Backyard

How Do We Explain The Evolution Of Religion? -- "[H]uman religiosity was primed by the meaning-making, imagination, empathy and rule-following of other primates (primates with whom we shared a common ancestor in the past, or those common ancestors themselves). Religious imagination flowered later, in the hominin lineage, as our brains were increasingly selected over time to think beyond the here-and-now."

Study reveals why Neanderthals never faced brain disorders

Scientists unmask a piece in the puzzle of how the inheritance of traumas is mediated -- "[T]raumatic stress alters the amount of several microRNAs in the blood, brain and sperm – while some microRNAs were produced in excess, others were lower than in the corresponding tissues or cells of control animals. These alterations resulted in misregulation of cellular processes normally controlled by these microRNAs."

Here Are the States Where Blowjobs Are Illegal But Necrophilia's Cool -- Just in case you needed the reference.
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Cell Phone Addiction: Parents Glued To Smartphones Have 'More Negative' Interactions With Their Kids

One in five young adults admit to using smartphone during sex

Elephants Can Distinguish Between Human Languages -- "A new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of the Sciences of the United States of America shows evidence that elephants presented with recordings of humans speaking different local languages react differently based on the language spoken, as well as the gender and age of the speaker."

World's Oldest Masks Go On Display
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Cyber self-harm: Why do people troll themselves online? -- "9% [of students] had anonymously cyberbullied themselves."

Love hormone 'helps autistic brain' -- oxytocin

Sounds are sound among dyslexics, but access may lag, study finds -- "[T]he white matter tracts connecting the phoneme area to a part of the brain that contains the Broca's area, which regulates the conversion of language to speech, was weaker for the dyslexics as a group[.]"

Women With Big Butts Are Smarter And Resistant To Chronic Illnesses -- I like big butts & I can't deny.

Healthier Diets Cost About $550 More Per Year Than Unhealthy Options -- This is a real issue. I spend my food-stamp dollars on nutritious food. This means I have less per month for food bulk. I buy few canned goods but instead invest in fresh food, which is liable to spoil. It's better for me but more likely to rot. What do you think most families will do? They will attempt to stretch their food dollar (which, apparently, to me is a luxury). This is one of the factors making it difficult for low-income youths to catch up with their more-monied counterparts. (Let's not even get into how hunger affects attention spans for school-aged children, shall we?)

Marijuana Use Puts Men At Risk of "Moobs", Plastic Surgeon -- From what I understand, one plastic surgeon came to this conclusion after examining the data. I would like more voices on this subject; an actual experiment designed to detect this would be the best. The bestest, even.

MIT Devise World's Toughest Tongue Twister to Link Speech Errors to Brain -- "Pad kid poured curd pulled cod"? That is not difficult to me in the least. Do the volunteers have a stopwatch where they need to say the phrase in a certain amount of time? Do you, any of my followers, have difficulty?

1.34-million-year-old human ancestor had 'massive' arm bones for climbing trees -- Paranthropus boisei
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Blow to multiple human species idea -- "Writing in Science, the team says that Homo habilis, Homo rudolfensis and Homo erectus are all part of a single evolving lineage that led to modern humans."

Some Monkeys Have Conversations That Resemble Ours -- marmosets

Scans prove NFL brain drain -- Well, the league certainly settled their lawsuit at the right time.

Donor Eggs Increasingly Used for IVF, With Rising Success -- I had no idea that black women who use IVF experience lower rates of success. Interesting.
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Richard Dawkins defends "mild pedophilia," says it does not cause "lasting harm" -- Seriously, a shame.

Quran-Burning Pastor Terry Jones' Arrest Could Be Unconstitutional, Experts Say

Orangutans Plan Their Trips Like Humans, Tell Others Their Future Travel Routes -- "Though the team didn't analyze the way the primates are able to figure out the specific routes expressed in the calls, they did recognize that planning skills require episodic memory and the presence of self-control for orangutans to complete such tasks."

Scientists Selectively Erase Unwanted Memories in Rats and Mice -- "'Not unlike in the movie "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind," we're looking for strategies to selectively eliminate evidence of past experiences related to drug abuse or a traumatic event. Our study shows we can do just that in mice--wipe out deeply engrained drug-related memories without harming other memories.'"

First lady's push to drink more water draws criticism -- Only the AAAD (American Association for the Advancement of Diabetes) should be against this proposal. My god, what is wrong with people?
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Pennsylvania Judge Bars Voter ID Enforcement in November Election

New Jersey governor to sign law easing pot use for sick kids

8-Year-Old Never Ages, Could Reveal 'Biological Immortality'

Infant dies after ingesting detergent pod

Coffee's Good, but Not Too Much -- "Women from ages 20 to 54 who drank more than 28 cups of coffee a week, or an average of more than four cups a day, were more than twice as likely to die from any cause as more moderate coffee drinkers . . . Men in the same age bracket were less at risk than women, but still had a 1.5 times higher risk of death than moderate drinkers[.]"

Teleported! Bits Vanish Here, Reappear There -- qubits

How Do Apes Swim? More Of A Breaststroke Than A Doggy Paddle, Say Researchers

Iowa woman swallows tapeworm to lose weight
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Yoga in school not same as teaching religion, California judge rules -- Thank goodness, because that suit was bunk.

Poll: Support for gay marriage hits high after ruling

Habits -- good and bad -- stick when you're stressed -- Keep also in mind that it takes about 27 days to reform a bad habit. (I wonder if the disruption tactic at the end of the article would speed up that process?)

Heavy drinking, 'incompatible' drinking tied to divorce, study says -- Some sexism is also at play here.

Why Healthy Eaters Fall for Fries -- "Mr. Fitzsimons called the phenomenon 'vicarious goal fulfillment.' By seeing a healthy menu option at a restaurant, 'it basically satisfies that goal to be healthy,' he said, and gives consumers leeway to order what they want." (NYT)

Why does it cost more to give birth in the US? -- This article could have been much longer with far more details.

Mysterious Pair Buried With Flowers--Oldest Example Yet: Aromatic sage and mint lined graves found on Israel's Mount Carmel -- "The Natufian society [which flourished between 15,000 and 11,600 years ago in an area that is now Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria] was one of the first--possibly the first--to transition from a roaming hunter-gatherer lifestyle to permanent settlements, and was also the first to establish true graveyards[.]"
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Meat vs veg: how does a vegetarian diet stack up? -- Take a guess.

Africa's Worst Drought Tied to West's Pollution -- Chaos theory in action.

Human face look after 100,000 years predicted -- But Stephen Hawking predicts that humans have but 1000 years left, if we don't get off the island planet.


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