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A long-time writer friend of mine has recruited me to help him with Peninsula Poets Magazine, the organ of the Poetry Society of Michigan. He's been editing it for about a year.

We met today over coffee to discuss the state of poetry in America in general as well as what needs to be done on the magazine specifically. He wants me to oversee soliciting eleven poems in different categories for the contest issue (these poems would be separate from the contest itself, designated as "In the Spotlight"). Also, he's tasked me with finding artwork for the cover & to be scattered within the issue.

I didn't deny the request, because obviously he needs the help if he's reaching out; also, it's an honor. Kind of a daunting task, first finding folks who have some Michigan connection, then reaching out to them & asking for some of their work. The editor in me kind of balks at solicitation, but that's what I've been tasked with, so that's what I'll do.

The visual art part has me more than a bit uneasy. As I told my friend, visual art is not my mainstay, so I would want him to look over whatever I may choose & give the final stamp of approval. He agreed to that, but for the poetry he said that he knows I have a good eye.
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Theodore Wafer guilty of 2nd-degree murder, manslaughter in porch shooting

Daughter hopes arrested Tulsa police officers will 'rot in prison' for fatal shooting of boyfriend | Police report: Tulsa officer fatally shoots daughter's boyfriend -- Yep. I was not surprised to find that the new boyfriend was not entirely without color. Call me cynical (though I'm still striving against that).

McDaniel Staffer Implicated in Paying Man to Concoct Vote-Selling Story

Remains of Jonestown Massacre victims found at Delaware funeral home -- The story of Jonestown still fascinates me, as I would have been a toddler at the time & so my parents would have shielded me from such news. (Although I was born in 1975, my parents didn't mention Watergate until I was in college. They've never said anything about the hostage crisis of 1979, when I would have been four years old.) How is it that this story is still making news? So sad.

Oklahoma teacher shows up to school drunk, not wearing pants: sheriff
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Michigan township rebels after new chief beefs up police force -- To police 3,900 people, do you really need 40 reserve officers, two Humvees and two armored personnel carriers?

Missing Oregon Mom Found Dead: Police -- Someone on DailyKos diaried about this woman about a fortnight ago; she's his niece. Very sad.

How to identify a narcissist with one simple question

Little Video Game Playing Linked To Better Social Skills -- "When compared to non-players and those who played very frequently, those [teenagers] who played video games for less than an hour were associated with the highest levels of sociability and were most likely to say they were satisfied with their lives."

Company Pays Settlement in Buckets of Loose Change: The coins amounts to more than $21,000
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History of Complaints Against Officer Who Had Eric Garner in Apparent Choke Hold -- Meanwhile, the EMTs on the scene have been suspended without pay, while two of the officers involved (including Mr. Daniel Pantaleo) have been reassigned to desk duty, with pay.

Activists Call for Bratton's Resignation Following Eric Garner's Death -- There's that, too.

Montana Judge To Be Censured Over Rape Comments -- Good, although more should have occurred to this man with so much power over so many lives.

Michigan inmates to get black-and-white striped uniforms. Orange is now too cool, sheriff says.

Market Basket shelves bare as workers protest CEO's firing: Biddeford store running out of food -- People power. Too bad those people got fired in the midst.

Parental training may offset health problems linked to social disadvantage, study shows -- Not terribly surprising that environmental effects may offset other environmental effects.
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FSU under investigation for handling of Jameis Winston case

Family of beaten driver: He pleaded with attackers; why were they so angry?

Army ban on hairstyles including dreadlocks, cornrows prompts allegations of racial bias

Heterosexual Women, Please Stop Using the Term "Girl Crush" -- So, I identify basically as 98% heterosexual. Still, I find certain women attractive. I've been stereotypically crushing on Angela Bassett for over two decades now. If she were to somehow know me & be into me, we would be together right now. Right the fuck now. But, at the same time, I wouldn't use a term like "girl crush" to describe the sensation. So I kind of get both sides.

Stroke Brought on by Insomnia; New Study Finds Link Between Trouble Sleeping and Cardiovascular Risk Factors

Cereal box cartoons often stare down, entice children: study | more -- That's actually kind of creepy.
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Judge: Trial possible on Michigan gay marriage ban

How Long Can You Wait to Have a Baby? -- Interesting look at stats.

The Problem With Saying 'Black Babies Cost Less to Adopt'

How Strong Is the Female Sex Drive After All? -- "Bergner thinks that monogamy is society's way of constraining female sexuality. He implies that this constraint is unjust and prudish. He is not alone." The author of the article, unfortunately, appears to uphold the notion of women as sexual gatekeepers.

Big Surprise: Smoking Pot Lowers Motivation -- The reason why is actually quite interesting: "[S]moking marijuana suppresses one's ability to synthesize dopamine — the neurotransmitter associated with motivation."

Long John Silver's serves least healthful meal, food watchdog says -- "The advocacy group [...] also accused Long John Silver's of overstating the amount of fish and under-reporting the amount of trans fat in the meal. The fast food chain says the main part of the meal features 7 or 8 ounces of haddock; the CSPI said its tests showed 4½ ounces of fish and 3 ounces of batter.

"The watchdog organization also said that the onion rings it tested had 19.5 grams of trans fat, compared with the 7 grams noted by Long John Silver's."
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Chris Cornell is coming to the Michigan Theater this Sunday at 8:00 pm. I have the funds to attend.

I am excited just thinking about going. I'm taking that as a sign.

Hopefully I'll be able to secure tickets before they're sold out. Oh, and transportation. Dammit.
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The rash of sexual assaults in Ann Arbor has made national news. One or two men have attacked women at least six times in the last twelve days. Two of the women attacked are college students, the other four from the surrounding community, women ranging in age from late teens to early 30s.

This recalls an incident on my alma mater's campus my junior year. The college community was (& is) so small & tight-knit, it seemed to rise as one in alertness & defiance. I remember walking the path to my dorm room one late night with a knitting needle concealed in my hand as protection. I consider myself a pacifist, but that night I was simply a woman defending her right to exist free from harm.

(A2 doesn't have a hometown newspaper anymore, so I feel the urgency of the situation hasn't been sufficiently communicated to the populace. Detroit is a major news hub not too far away & has highlighted the story, but it's times like this when media close to the source would be so much more informative.)
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I cannot find this online, but it showed up in a mini-bar of this Sunday's paper (

School bans 'gateway' candies, Smarties, Pixy Stix

GRAND RAPIDS TOWNSHIP -- A middle school near Grand Rapids has banned sugary Smarties candy, saying it's being crushed and inhaled and can be a gateway to "inappropriate substances."

Northern Hills Middle School is part of the Forest Hills district. Principal Nancy Susterka said there are credible reports that kids are crushing the Smarties and inhaling the powder. She says it can cause infections, chronic coughing and choking.

In an email to parents Friday, the principal said "huge numbers" of Smarties wrappers have been found at the school. Susterka has also banned Pixy Stix.


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