Aug. 24th, 2014 01:26 pm
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I went to a local art gallery yesterday to see if anything there might be suitable for a cover of a literary magazine. I found several artists whose work really resonated with me.

I mark them here for future reference, but also if you'd like to peruse, here they are:

Joanna Tlok -- Unfortunately, these pieces do not include her studies on flowers, which are stunning.

Connie Cronenwett

Adrienne Kaplan -- She uses mainly watercolors. At the gallery, move your cursor over each image to see the full "show".

Nina Hauser

Lynda Cole
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So, my editor friend wants me to do more than we'd initially discussed.

First, he needs me to transcribe incoming material into formats that can be used, from what I can understand because he can't use his personal printer because the formats become messed up on his machine. The person who did this last year for him can't do so this year due to new engagements. So I said sure. I like copy editing & I've experience with transcription.

More importantly, however, he wants me to find a local printer. I haven't worked with printers in fifteen years & I have no experience with local ones, except for the guy who put out my chapbook (he also presses Third Wednesday).

So, on top of locating written material for the magazine & finding artwork, I now will be editing copy & locating a new printer. Lots of responsibilities.

Again, this would be much easier if, as I had initially anticipated, I had copious free time on my hands at this point of the calendar. This will end up instead a tight squeeze.


Aug. 18th, 2014 06:39 pm
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A long-time writer friend of mine has recruited me to help him with Peninsula Poets Magazine, the organ of the Poetry Society of Michigan. He's been editing it for about a year.

We met today over coffee to discuss the state of poetry in America in general as well as what needs to be done on the magazine specifically. He wants me to oversee soliciting eleven poems in different categories for the contest issue (these poems would be separate from the contest itself, designated as "In the Spotlight"). Also, he's tasked me with finding artwork for the cover & to be scattered within the issue.

I didn't deny the request, because obviously he needs the help if he's reaching out; also, it's an honor. Kind of a daunting task, first finding folks who have some Michigan connection, then reaching out to them & asking for some of their work. The editor in me kind of balks at solicitation, but that's what I've been tasked with, so that's what I'll do.

The visual art part has me more than a bit uneasy. As I told my friend, visual art is not my mainstay, so I would want him to look over whatever I may choose & give the final stamp of approval. He agreed to that, but for the poetry he said that he knows I have a good eye.

inside peek

Dec. 9th, 2010 06:30 am
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If you submit work to Third Wednesday, know one thing.

As one of the editors, I will pretty much 99% of the time veto a piece that uses the words beautiful or scream, the former because the author has not said anything, the latter because usually a synonym would work better than something so emo.

Cicada is coming close to earning an honorable mention on my invisible list.


Oct. 30th, 2009 11:25 am
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Third Wednesday will be among the periodicals featured in next year's Poet's Market. This pleases me greatly. (Getting our info to PM was one of the major tasks I have undertaken since assuming the role of Managing Editor.)

Next on my ambitious list is to generate possible subscriptions from libraries. This is not high priority compared to other aspects of my life (such as making a [paying] livelihood) but, once accomplished, I will feel like I've truly contributed to the magazine.

Speaking of contributing, TW is accepting poems, short shorts, short stories (up to 1500 words) and artwork (color cover, B&W throughout) for its Winter 2010 issue. Submit up to 5 poems or short shorts (or 2 short stories) to submissions at thirdwednesday dot com. Deadlines are rolling.


Aug. 2nd, 2008 01:55 am
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"We read all submissions until we come to a bad line."
--Editors, jerseyworks


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