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Tulsa Deputy Resigns After Sexual Assault Arrest -- "Roberts' arrest came just weeks after Oklahoma City police officer Daniel Holtzclaw was accused of sexually assaulting at least eight women while on duty. Holtzclaw has pleaded not guilty to 16 felony counts, including rape and sexual battery." It gets worse. Read the article.

Arizona Republican resigns after arguing women on Medicaid should be sterilized -- How turn-of-the-20th-century of him.

Urban Outfitters' Kent State Sweatshirt Horrifies Consumers -- "An Urban Outfitters "vintage" Kent State University sweatshirt that appeared to be covered in blood caused outrage across the country." -- It's as bad as you think.

Students Are Rebelling After Receiving 200 Detentions For Harsh Dress Code Violations -- 200 after just a fortnight, "mostly to females".

Feeling Crowded? World Population Set to Explode Even More -- "The population will probably hit 11 billion by 2100, according to new estimates."

Botox 'may stunt emotional growth' in young people
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I'm still recovering from how crack-delicious my dinner tonight is/has been. Anyway.

James Brady, former White House press secretary, dies at 73 -- When could we expect another conservative gun-control advocate? Especially one who did not experience such a personal attack? Best to the Brady family.

Six Philadelphia narcotics officers arrested for robbing dealers -- "The 42-page indictment describes scenes that Hollywood would have trouble topping, including a 2007 robbery during which Norman allegedly held a man over an 18th floor balcony to get him to divulge the password to his handheld computer."

Tennessee Denies Public Assistance To Drug Users -- Error: just because someone may have used drugs in their life history does not mean that they are currently abusing drugs. Bad interpretation, bad policy.

Eating Fish Makes Your Brain Healthier, Study Says | Fish Consumption Linked to College Education -- NOT linked to omega-3 intake, amazingly enough.

Oxytocin Isn't Lacking In Children With Autism, Researchers Say

Lego sells out of Research Institute set after responding to 7-year old girl's request

Forget Charcoal Versus Gas. The Best Way to Grill a Steak Is With Molten Lava.
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FSU under investigation for handling of Jameis Winston case

Family of beaten driver: He pleaded with attackers; why were they so angry?

Army ban on hairstyles including dreadlocks, cornrows prompts allegations of racial bias

Heterosexual Women, Please Stop Using the Term "Girl Crush" -- So, I identify basically as 98% heterosexual. Still, I find certain women attractive. I've been stereotypically crushing on Angela Bassett for over two decades now. If she were to somehow know me & be into me, we would be together right now. Right the fuck now. But, at the same time, I wouldn't use a term like "girl crush" to describe the sensation. So I kind of get both sides.

Stroke Brought on by Insomnia; New Study Finds Link Between Trouble Sleeping and Cardiovascular Risk Factors

Cereal box cartoons often stare down, entice children: study | more -- That's actually kind of creepy.
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Republican lawmaker very sorry he said men should be able to rape women if abortion is legal

The right defends a new Jim Crow: 50 years since the Civil Rights Act, wingnuts still don't get it

Study: Racial Bias in Pain Perception Appears Among Children as Young as 7

Study shows why breastfed babies are so smart -- "[A] new study by sociologists at Brigham Young University pinpoints two parenting skills as the real source of this cognitive boost: Responding to children's emotional cues and reading to children starting at 9 months of age. Breastfeeding mothers tend to do both of those things, said lead study author Ben Gibbs."

USDA adds foods to moms and kids food program (WIC)

High-calorie diet may slow ALS progression

Researchers Identify Brain Differences Linked to Insomnia -- "The researchers found that the motor cortex in patients with chronic insomnia was more adaptable to change — more plastic — than in a group of people who slept well."

Older dads' kids more vulnerable to mental disorders -- "A child born to a father 45 or older is three and a half times more likely to be diagnosed with autism, more than 13 times more likely to have attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and almost 25 times more likely to suffer from bipolar disorder than a child born to a man in his early twenties, says a study out this week."

Baby's brain tumor contained fully grown teeth
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I've been reading a lot this past month about rape, sexual assault & other related topics (such as what traits are considered "creepy"). Maybe it was the Dylan Farrow letter that sparked the flurry of articles, but the inundation has been depressing but instructive. It's important for folks to realize that rape really does happen, despite the fact that only 3% of rapists ever see the inside of a jail cell.

So it angers me that CNN has decided to report a news story about a cruise worker who raped a passenger with the title of "Passenger Beaten Aboard Cruise Ship" & downplays the rape nearly altogether. (The term "sexual assault" is used in the second paragraph but vanishes thereafter, despite the article goes on to describe other aspects of the altercation in a fair amount of detail.)

Nearly all other news outlets report the rape allegation & do not attempt to disappear it.

Perhaps CNN believes that its readers & viewers just can't handle the fact that such crimes occur, that their audience just doesn't have the fortitude or that rape simply offends their sensibilities.
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Chicago Student Found Dead in Dorm Room After More Than a Week

A Woman's Right to Move -- "[T]his ruling took those rights way too far, to the point of dangerousness. It treated a fetus as a child, for purposes of a custody battle. And in doing so, it threatened to limit the rights of a pregnant woman to move and travel."

Rapes are up under new FBI definition -- Not the most in-depth or informative article, but look at the picture. The signs the women hold up are very illuminating. "In the past 20 years, 0.00% of rapists have been expelled from Amherst." "Is laptop theft worse than rape? Amherst says YES."

'Boys will be boys' no excuse; feds target Montana handling of rapes -- "One clinical psychologist who treated many sexual assault survivors said that she was so put off by how local prosecutors treated her clients that when she herself was sexually assaulted, she was 'reluctant' to go to the authorities."

Unusual Iowa abortion rule has surprising result -- Governor Branstad refuses to issue reimbursements for Medicaid abortions; U of I hospitals perform them anyway

Why MSNBC's political scandal coverage is more powerful than Fox News': It comes down to credibility

15-Year-Old Girl Shot Dead For Egging Arkansas Man's Car

Noose tied on Ole Miss integration statue

Pesticide-tainted Mexican cactus can make you very ill, warns California Department of Health -- "Health officials said that a batch of tested cactus pads, also known as 'nopales' contain Monocrotophos, a pesticide that is no longer approved for use in the U.S. since 1989. The insecticide is acutely toxic and it is frequently used as a tool for committing suicide. It can also lead to permanent nerve damage."

Scientists Reach Nuclear Fusion Milestone
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Botched execution? Ohio killer takes almost 25 minutes to die from lethal injection | Did Ohio's New Lethal-Injection Cocktail Lead to a Cruel and Unusual Death For Dennis McGuire?

Oklahoma same-sex marriage ban struck down by federal judge -- judgment suspended pending appeal

Drug search involving anal probe results in $1.6-million settlement

Time Magazine Turns Hillary Clinton Into a Pointy Heel Trampling an Emasculated Dude -- "The depiction doesn't show high-powered women competing against male rivals, fair and square; it suggests that the very existence of the feminine in business and politics constitutes a threat to men. It's both sexist and hacky. In turn, trample fetishists mine these 'feminist' stock photos for masturbatory material. (You have learned something new.)"

Children who watch too much TV may have 'damaged brain structures' -- "MRI brain scans showed children who spent the most hours in front of the box had greater amounts of grey matter in regions around the frontopolar cortex - the area at the front of the frontal lobe. But this increased volume was a negative thing as it was linked with lower verbal intelligence[.]"

Racism may accelerate aging on a cellular level, study finds
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Christie says he was misled on George Washington Bridge lane closures | emails in question -- The scandal widens.

Man gets 8-month sentence in toddler-slapping case -- "Prosecutors had recommended a sentence of six months in prison, and Hundley reserved his right to argue for a lower sentence. U.S. Magistrate Judge Alan Baverman said he imposed a higher sentence in part because of Hundley's criminal history, which includes a previous assault."

What It Means to Be a Public Intellectual -- "Dylan Byers knows nothing of your work, and therefore your work must not exist. [...] The machinery of racism requires no bigotry from Dylan Byers. It merely requires that Dylan Byers sit still."

The Poverty Line Was Designed Assuming Every Family Had a Housewife Who Was a 'Skillful Cook'
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Racist, sexist New York Post front page goes full 'Hey, where the white women at?' on Obama (DailyKos)

'Sister Wives' Family Wins Ruling in Bigamy Suit -- "A federal judge ruled Friday that key parts of Utah's polygamy laws are unconstitutional, handing a legal victory to a polygamist family that stars in the TV reality show 'Sister Wives.' U.S. District Court Judge Clark Waddoups said in the ruling that the phrase in Utah law that forbids cohabitation with another person was a violation of the First Amendment."

Dehydration, delirium cited in Lynne Spalding's death -- This does not absolve the hospital in any way. Officials failed to do a timely, thorough search. The same amount of liability would attach if the patient had been afflicted with Alzheimer's--just because she was confused does not mean that the hospital did its due diligence. Because of their negligence, the woman died of thirst, one of the most excruciatingly painful ways to go.

Govern in Poetry (NYT)

The FDA's toothless action on animal-feed antibiotics isn't enough

Could comb jellies, close cousins of jellyfish, be the earliest ancestors of animals? -- Not suggesting anything of substance but, in the last photo, the left side of the red lobate ctenophore does resemble a human brain.


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