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Closed or lost a lot of links in the last week. Here's what's left:

Children With Autism Have Extra Synapses

Policeman accused of serial sex assault on patrol

Pleading suspect dies in police custody: 'You can breathe just fine' -- No, this is not referring to the NY Eric Gardner case.

Tongues wag over Obama’s audacity to wear taupe | more -- Really, these people have nothing else to do but criticize the color of the President's suit? Really?

Newsflash: Hello Kitty has never been a cat -- She's a little girl from England. I kind of see the resemblance now.
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Anwar al-Aulaqi's assassination by the President was wrong. Simple as that. American citizens should not be targeted for death by the President. He should have been sought & brought back for trial, particularly since he was a propagandist, not a soldier in the field of battle. That's what the rule of law means. President Obama says we are a nation of laws, but he took the law in his own hands & made himself judge, jury & executioner.

This is the beginning of the end. Seriously. If this appropriation of power goes to the Executive Branch without challenge, then we've essentially sanctioned disappearings, secret police, political imprisonings, the whole works. If the President can label an American citizen an enemy of the state & have that person killed without trial, there's no limit to that person's power. We might as well stop pretending & admit that we've reverted to a de facto monarchy.

Edit: Apparently Juan Cole agrees with this sentiment & articulates why. (found via DailyKos comment) See also Digby at Hullaballoo.
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I think part of President Obama's problem was that he was not in Congress during the time when Republicans controlled both houses of Congress & the Presidency. He did not see what a strongheaded executive branch could accomplish with such wind at his back.

He also did not personally witness the Republicans threaten "the nuclear option" with regards to the filibuster. Basically, for those who need a refresher, they were willing to get rid of the filibuster without going through what Democrats are trying to do now, which is rewrite the rules during the first day of the Congressional term. This is permitted by clauses in the Constitution itself. The "nuclear option" would have destroyed any goodwill on either side of the aisle.

Obama didn't see hardball politics at work. Now he mistakes the softballs that Republicans throw him as such. Unfortunately, he may not see the hardball when it really comes flying.
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State Emergency Operations Center Activated in Response to Oil Spill in Calhoun County

Michigan Governor Warns of Oil Spill Threat (NYT)

Enbridge pipeline breaks, spills 19,500 barrels

(See also my response to [ profile] kittenkissies in a previous post.)

This begs the question: why didn't President Obama declare the oil spill in the gulf a disaster so FEMA could get involved? Not that the spill was initially perceived as an emergency (heck, I can't even find a news article dated April 22nd mentioning the explosion), but as time went on he could have said those magic words so as to let experts come in, take measurements, and document the state of the situation from the outset; coordinate medical responses for locals as well as clean-up crews who have become ill in the aftermath; & appear to hold a multibillion-dollar corporation responsible for its mess.

As it is, the president's image has been tarnished by the perception of collusion (not just with the industry in general but with BP in particular). I don't know if that stain can be wiped away. As some portentious lyrics once detailed, "Never shook Satan's hand, look see for yourself / You'd know it if I had, that shit don't come off."


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