Apr. 15th, 2014

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This morning, there's snow on the ground.

To honor this occasion, I repost "The Cruellest Month":

The Cruellest Month

Sparrows speak spiritedly for one
full minute, then silence themselves.

It's tax day. My period has come
a week early, and something in my mouth
tastes like blood. A tooth
has cracked like an acorn, spilling
premature fruit into the earthen
floor of my mouth. Outside,

music floats through air like smoke
as families barbecue pork on ageing
terraces, hickory pricking the nose.
Skins brown in constant sun, absorbing
filaments of radiation. Tomorrow,
the threat of freezing rain.
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Serial murders of secret infants, as alleged in Utah, 'very rare'

‘Bully’ suffers jeers, name-calling himself -- "An Ohio man sentenced by a judge to spend yesterday wearing a sign reading “I AM A BULLY” at a busy suburban Cleveland intersection was greeted by a boisterous stream of honking car horns, jeers and insults." Technically, this should fall under "cruel & unusual treatment".

While You Were Watching 'Game of Thrones,' Neil deGrasse Tyson Shared His Solution to Global Warming

Angry at your spouse? Check your blood sugar

Crankier Babies May Get More TV Time

Finding May Explain Why Women More Likely Develop Alzheimer's

Bullying occurs among children higher up on the social ladder, according to new research -- "The study concluded that girls are more likely to be subject to this type of bullying. The highest incidences of bullying occurred among girls, but boys were more likely to target girls who were climbing social rungs rather than boys who were doing the same." Sexist high-school assholes.

Casual marijuana use linked to brain changes -- "Gregory Gerdeman, a biologist and neuropharmacologist at Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Fla., said he has no reason to doubt the new study's findings but worries generally about marijuana research funded by federal agencies, like the Office of National Drug Control Policy, which is charged with limiting drug use."


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