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Lincoln with polio.
Lincoln in a wheelchair.


Apr. 8th, 2014 08:11 am
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At the tail end of my dream, for some reason, my mind inserted the phrase "French toast Twinkies" into the mouth of one of the persons there.

I woke to find someone has already concocted a recipe for the things.
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Last night, I had a dream that featured death. Twice, I was so consumed by the feeling of sadness that I woke up.
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I mentioned to Nelson that, two nights ago, I had a dream/hypnogogic state where I compared Sun Tzu to Lao Tzu. He seemed completely floored by this & asked if I'd taken any notes. I said no.

Today, I find myself refreshing myself on Sun Tzu's strategic philosophies. His insights indeed stand the test of time. The Tao Te Ching finds itself back on my bookshelf, as someone decided to donate it to the Ann Arbor Public Library & it in turn decided to put it on its free bookshelf. I will be re-absorbing that shortly.
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I had a very long dream sequence last night, but the one memorable thing was kissing Keith Olbermann full on the mouth. Wow.

& that was after he saved septuplets in the womb.


Sep. 3rd, 2010 07:16 pm
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I had the most delicious dream about Stephen Colbert last night. It wasn't explicit, per se, but it was definitely enjoyable, so much so that when I inadvertently woke up, I tried to get back to the dream. (Such an endeavor never works, but he did recur as a main character, just not a sexy one.)

On a related note, I need another Colbert icon.
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I halfway woke myself up last night, talking in my sleep. I spoke in full sentences and I didn't fully wake up because I was making sense at the time.

I've been talking more in my sleep the older I get. Earlier this week, after watching the Lonesome Dove miniseries, I listened to myself talking in a Southern drawl.

I'm sure I'm going to freak out the eventual person with whom I settle down.
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As I tried (unsuccessfully) to fall asleep last night, I came up with a hypothesis about what sleep actually is.

The human mind hypnotizes itself.
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high-heeled boots
teetered balance
scooped by arms
and placed on feet
searching classrooms
down three flights
rain outside
bike is gone
ask for help
women's room
knock on stall
two guys leave

high-heeled boots
compact discs
plastic bags
zonking out
wake at night
converse with friend

asphalt road
gravel lane
wrong-way feel
guy in way
then one more
turn around
fear of cars
peddle slow
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Three words: cheese shoulder pads.

Six words: Arlen Specter wearing cheese shoulder pads.

Nine words: Arlen Specter wearing cheese shoulder pads playing intramural baseball.
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I had a dream that an end-of-the-world event was imminent. I was told that, come the next day, the sun would never set again. The corollary being that, on the other side of the world, the sun would never rise.

Then I was tasked with getting in touch with a meteorological center for information and instructions. sundry details )
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In my dream, I had decided to dye my hair red, but I wanted to do this in relative privacy. I instructed all of my friends to leave this place I can only describe as a compound; a few stayed. While I was gathering items to wear (several dresses [red ones and gold ones], earrings, stockings), I had to crawl on this mantle/precipice, and it turned out that I crawled over Frankenstein. I had to do this several times (the place was kind of a circle), and the third time I did so, I could tell that he was waking up. I instructed someone to lock all of the doors behind them before they left, but I didn't tell them why. Two of my friends were left in the place. I tried to jump in the shower and dye my hair very quickly before Frankenstein had a chance to break his restraints (which were leather, which wouldn't stop anything as strong as Frankenstein) and make it through the doors. I got in the shower and started moistening the dye when I heard someone open the front door and let [ profile] simianpower in. I was upset because I didn't want anyone to know I was dyeing my hair, but [ profile] simianpower was tall enough to see into the shower stall and find out, had he wanted to. Also, that meant that one more person was in the place where Frankenstein could get us.

Somehow Frankenstein accessed a portal called Icebreak (or something like that) where he could enter it and go into the water that surrounded the compound. This concerned me. I went out to see where my friends were, and two of them, including [ profile] simianpower, were in the water, and Frankenstein was advancing upon them in the form of a shark. I knew something had to be done, so I entered the portal myself, which meant that the shark disappeared from where he was at that moment and materialized where the portal had been activated, which is to say right on top of where I was. I was a fish at this time (a consequence of going through the portal) as was one of my friends, and we swam in a pattern to immediately avoid Frankenstein. We swam into a net nearby, which of course Frankenstein couldn't enter, and my friend covered up a light that was shining. Obscuring that confused the shark, and he ended up going away. By this time, my other friend and [ profile] simianpower had used Icebreak as well and had swum into the net. So we were all safe.
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My dream involved a lot of walking.
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Stephen Colbert was in my dream last night. So, so odd.
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So I was telling [ profile] vaxjedi about this dream I had a couple of days ago where I was wrapping Easter presents.
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Last night I dreamt that I had four boyfriends. These included my current SO, a guy named Jamie (who IRL dated one of my roommates when I was a freshman), Lucas from Days of Our Lives, and someone else who I can't remember. Whatever else was going on in the dream, I have very little knowledge. I do know there was a party, where at least some of my family was in attendance. I got inebriated, and one of my cousins decided that would be a good time for me to leave. I instead wobbled into a bedroom and (I guess) fell asleep. What I remember most, though, is waking up and finding that Jamie and I were clutching each other by the shoulders in an impossible-in-life pose.

I don't know what this dream is trying to tell me. Yes, I identify as poly right now and yes, four is my favorite number, but I really don't need a quartet of lovers (*giggle* unless they're working in concert).
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There was a duck in my dream. Or a duckling. He wore a little brown hat and seemed to understand English. I kept fearing he would nip at my fingers, but he never did.
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I've sent out two job applications and thirteen submission packets of poetry this week. This was fairly productive. However:

1) I should have sent my resume to more places. I could still accomplish this tomorrow.

2) My poetry submissions were blind--I've not read the publications in which I'm attempting to be published. This is generally a no-no. However, it's my opinion that the more editors see a work in particular, the more of a chance that work has to actually be accepted for publication. I'm only submitting to places that accept simultaneous submissions. So we'll see.

I have a meeting tonight I don't want to go to. *whine* I'd rather laze at home, like I pretty much did yesterday. I'm very tired, for some reason.

In my dream last night, I was sitting with a friend of mine, and while we were talking a man went up to my car (which isn't my car in RL) and removed my CD collection (which was in a suitcase for some reason). While I watched him, I thought that maybe he was going to try to steal them, but instead he put the suitcase on the ground and started to jump up and down on it. Then when my friend and I confronted him, he went into a nearby house (friends of his, I suppose) and claimed to them that we were crazy and that he never did such a thing.

Very odd.
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One of my dreams this weekend had to do with a subway system that had been constructed underneath Iowa City. It was big news.
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Yesterday I visited my temp agency and let them know I was growing dissatisfied in my current assignment. Either they need to up my pay, or they need to transfer me to a new assignment where I will start out with decent pay. It's a slap in the face to be working in the same assignment for the same little wage with no apparent track to become part of the permanent staff. The lady said she'd call my boss when he comes back from vacation and speak with him.

I sent out some requests for info on a handful of graduate creative writing programs. But it's all pie in the sky right now. Until I can pay Grinnell back the money I owe them, my transcript will remain out of reach. And let me say, it's hard to save money when you're living paycheck to paycheck.

Not much else to report. Oh--I had odd dreams again last night. There was a banquet hall, and there was a huge line of people in a ring around the square layout of food. I stood at the end of the receiving line, but I wasn't actually in line. I thought about pilfering a roll, but decided I wouldn't cut in front of everyone. So I got in line. But the time I got to the food, all that was left were various batches of brownies. All of the dinner food was gone.

Later there were two brothers, one of which I believe was trying to get me to dance and the other wanted to show me how he could wrap his legs around mine and flip me in a spiral. I took off my glasses and let him--it wasn't as scary as I thought (I thought I'd spin in midair and land on my shoulder, but his movement just kind of rolled me on the ground). At some point, I was lying next to [ profile] vaxjedi and whenever the brother would nudge me, [ profile] vaxjedi would make an annoyed sound, because nudging me pushed me into him. Eventually, I disengaged from the brothers and curled up with [ profile] vaxjedi, and he got a little smile on his face and we cozied.

There was also something to do with beer and ginger beer in a freezer, running up to a door to make sure it didn't lock (this happened repeatedly), and getting together in a trio to sing disco tunes.

Like I said, odd.


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