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The new apartment does not have any patio or balcony space, so I'll have to harvest what I can & let the rest die, I guess.

It's a really frustrating situation. If I had any idea earlier this year that we'd be moving, I would not have begun this project in the first place.

Um, no.

Aug. 12th, 2008 09:08 pm
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Upon advice given in [ profile] ann_arbor_ypsi, I decided to go to Dawn Treader to see if I could sell some books. The majority fit their "wanted" criteria: modern, first-edition hardbacks, skewed toward academic titles. One, The Revolutionary Kant, is a trade paperback that normally sells for $60. All in all, I toted nine books up a hill and over six city blocks.

The guy at the counter said the store's usual buyer was upstairs, touring a new employee; he didn't know how long the person would be. He then offered to quote me a price, as he was a "backup buyer". I made the mistake of telling him that I was moving when he asked me if I wanted cash or store credit.

He looked at my books and offered me about a dollar each. I looked dubious. He split the pile into titles he particularly wanted and those he didn't; however, he didn't indicate a difference in price, so I assumed it would still be $1/ea. Another person had lined up behind me, so I felt rushed; I said, "Can I think about it?" I collected my books back into my bag.

The guy said I could try selling them at "a yard sale" (didn't mention eBay once). No thanks, dude.


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