Jun. 29th, 2014

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I mentioned before that one of my friends from work gave me a tomato plant. I had not planned on growing "real" vegetables (I say that even though tomatoes are actually fruits) but it was a gift. So I planted it in too small a container (only a 10", 3-qt. size) & set about treating it like my other plants.

So far it has done pretty well. It's more than twice its original height & has bushed out (I'm pretty sure that's not a real phrase) considerably. Two weeks ago, I noticed it had brought forth some little yellow blooms. Last week, I saw that one had shriveled; I implored the plant to not be dying. To my delight, I saw very soon the first tiny green tomato emerge from that withered bloom. Now there are three of these fruit, with several more blooms about to emerge.

The herbs seem to be doing fairly well. I noticed that my chives & thyme are both getting light green and/or drying up somewhat. I water every day but only feed once a week, so I'm wondering if I should beef up that schedule. Meanwhile, the oregano seems to have contracted some sort of spotting disease. Nearly all of the leaves are spotted & turning yellow. I think it's a disease because the mint plant also showed signs of this & they were adjacent to each other. The oregano has again shown signs that it's going into flower; this time I will not attempt to halt this process.

I bought a stevia plant two weeks ago. I have no idea what I'm going to do with it.

The basil is gangbusters. I find myself having to pinch back growth not because I want any leaves but to halt "legginess". I still have four stalks that are way too tall.

The sage, sadly, might be in its last throes. I took too long in transplanting it, which resulted in stunted growth. It might make a recovery but the leaves now are almost all silver when previously they were vigorously green.


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