May. 3rd, 2014

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US President Obama calls for death penalty review

Son accused of killing parents with samurai sword

Taxi driver convicted of raping female passenger, but jury acquits him of top count -- "Some members of the panel, which deliberated for over a day, tended to buy Singh's account that the back-seat sex was consensual."

High school student accused of serial sex assaults

Princeton student: 'White privilege' -- stop and think before you judge -- This is on Fox News, so be warned. (Also, who will think of the poor, derided white males in American society?)

Man Robs Southern Diner -- With a Pitchfork -- Really? A Waffle House?
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I got one more basil seedling, as it appeared that my current one might be on the verge of ceding.

So today I transplanted the new basil as well as the mint, curly parsley, flat-leaf parsley & chives (which look markedly improved--some shoots are at attention again). Only the sage & spinach remain in their original planters.

I didn't have enough soil for the new transplants, so I had to run to the nursery for more.

For a "cheap" method of getting fresh herbs into my recipes, I sure have invested a lot of time & money into this project.


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