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2014-10-23 07:29 pm
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Mid-October (rev 1.8)

Here we are, not even at the start of winter
and already we perceive the heart of winter,

snowfall clopping down on our necks, a white anvil.
Making us fear its weight: not so smart of winter,

otherwise ingenious of insinuating
itself inside our clothes. Soon a part of winter

blooms in our breath and seeds within our bones, crafty
wizardry invoking the dark art of winter.
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2014-10-22 12:33 pm
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Here we are, not even at the start of winter
and already one can perceive the heart of winter,

snowfall clopping down on our necks, a white anvil.
Making us fear its weight is not so smart of winter

otherwise ingenious of insinuating
itself inside our clothes. Soon a part of winter

blooms in our breath and seeds within our bones, a thread
cross-stitched and stitched again. That's the art of winter.
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2014-10-13 10:42 pm
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public ignorance

As I was on the bus headed to my poetry class, I couldn't help but overhear this woman behind me on her phone. Bad enough that she had a captive audience--it was really unfortunate to hear her spout off about Ebola.

Not that she's the first person I've heard talk about Ebola, not even the first to do so in a public space. But she was the first I've encountered who was relaying patently inaccurate information to those around her. Sort of like an information disease vector.

First she talked about how the dog of a woman who contracted (or is suspected of contracting) Ebola had to be put down. That is true. But she said it was because the woman spread Ebola to her dog. That was not determined at the time of the destruction. I highly doubt this turned out to be the case.

Then she speculated about why the latest victims in the US have been women. "I don't know if it's because women are more susceptible?" she began. That's when my eyebrows went up in alarm.

Captive audience. Everyone there was listening to her & her ignorance.

She did temper her conjecture a bit when she offered that maybe it was because more women were "on the front lines." I don't know if she meant that more nurses are traditionally female & the number of nurses combating the disease necessarily outweigh those of doctors, who are for more often male. I want to give this woman the benefit of the doubt.

But the nail in the coffin final straw was when she dismissed the fact that Ebola is only spread through direct contact with bodily fluids. She spoke about how some people get infected after being around a dead body & how that didn't make any sense. "The morticians, I'm sure they wear gloves, so I don't know how these people would have been in contact with bodily fluids." After listening to her friend, she said, "Yeah, it's airborne! That must be it."

After about a minute of listening to this, I turned around & looked at her. I wasn't going to say anything, but she mentioned my turning around to her friend. "It's not airborne," I said flatly. "It's only transmissible through bodily fluids."

"Well, I don't know . . . ." she said, apparently trying to leave a crack in the door.

"It's true. This is what is known about the disease. You should look it up."

"Well, that remains to be seen," she said.

"It's scientific fact," I responded, finally brusque at her unwillingness to let go of speculation. "You should look it up," I entreated again.

I would have apologized later for being somewhat short in our exchange, but she remained on the phone to her destination, which was just a few minutes further up the road.
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2014-10-01 07:59 pm
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close call

Today, walking home from work, on a side street that still sees a fair deal of traffic (local popular restaurant on one corner, people's co-op on avenue, KFC on corner down several blocks), a dog got loose from its owner's yard. It was maybe forty feet away at first. It came barreling at me, barking as it did. The owner called for the dog but the dog kept charging. It looked like a young rottweiler.

As you might imagine, I didn't have much time to think about what I could do. I was 70% certain I was about to suffer a deep & nasty bite. I didn't have many choices, anyway, as I was caught flat-footed. I stood there as it broke toward me.

When it got within five feet--striking distance--I looked it right in the eye & yelled "HEYYY!!!" as strongly as I could. It kept running but slowed & diverted its path so that it ended up alongside me. "HEYYY!!!" I yelled again while the owner crossed the street to retrieve her animal.

I think the only thing that saved me was that I--by instinct?--adopted a dominant stance. I did not flee, as prey would, but aggressively intoned the creature to stop. Seriously, I think folks who punch sharks when about to be attacked have a similar reaction.

Still surprised the dog held up.
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2014-09-24 11:13 pm
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(no subject)

I'm kept from updates due to a popped key. The letter is used a lot. I'll try to fix it tomorrow.
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2014-09-23 02:17 am


Hi. So, I took a nap & woke to find that my entire desktop is oriented 90 degrees to the left. Does anyone know how to restore the viewpoint?
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2014-09-22 05:15 pm
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(no subject)

How Gary Hart's Downfall Forever Changed American Politics (NYT) -- This is a very interesting article.

Seattle city attorney requests public pot smoking tickets to be dismissed | more

Fraternity date-rape drugs females based on their "hotness" -- "Police said the drugs were administered on the basis of color-coded hand stamps. The three women who were drugged had red X's on the backs of their hands, which were given to them by the party's doorman. The bartender then allegedly poured the special drinks in accordance with the color-coded stamps."

Blood Hounds: They're Obsessed With Period Sex -- Some of this article is decent but much of it is still cloaked in the Puritan-Victorian squeamishness about sex. That's unfortunate.
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2014-09-18 06:42 pm

(no subject)

Tulsa Deputy Resigns After Sexual Assault Arrest -- "Roberts' arrest came just weeks after Oklahoma City police officer Daniel Holtzclaw was accused of sexually assaulting at least eight women while on duty. Holtzclaw has pleaded not guilty to 16 felony counts, including rape and sexual battery." It gets worse. Read the article.

Arizona Republican resigns after arguing women on Medicaid should be sterilized -- How turn-of-the-20th-century of him.

Urban Outfitters' Kent State Sweatshirt Horrifies Consumers -- "An Urban Outfitters "vintage" Kent State University sweatshirt that appeared to be covered in blood caused outrage across the country." -- It's as bad as you think.

Students Are Rebelling After Receiving 200 Detentions For Harsh Dress Code Violations -- 200 after just a fortnight, "mostly to females".

Feeling Crowded? World Population Set to Explode Even More -- "The population will probably hit 11 billion by 2100, according to new estimates."

Botox 'may stunt emotional growth' in young people
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2014-09-09 08:54 pm
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Joan Rivers is dead. A dog barks
every three seconds, an echo

in its jaw. The sun has perished
for the day--there live only hoots

& response hoots from canine neighbors.
Joan Rivers is dead. The Huron River

flows on, mid-height, with its flotsam
whitish like a sick tongue. Summer

is aromatic in its waste, its widening,
simpering, deadened scent. Flowers waste

& wither in the late September breeze.
The heat drifts with little threat,

yet the cold signals its packing punch.
Joan Rivers is dead. Ice looms.
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2014-09-02 08:55 pm
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gardening end

The new apartment does not have any patio or balcony space, so I'll have to harvest what I can & let the rest die, I guess.

It's a really frustrating situation. If I had any idea earlier this year that we'd be moving, I would not have begun this project in the first place.
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2014-08-31 08:17 pm
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Between Generations

So tenuous: the tendrils slip through links of fence
but slacken. Where is tenacity?

The sky thickens with birds--
is love what keeps them in formation?

Startled, the flock jerks like a burnt hand
chastened by the glance of a hot stove's eye.
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2014-08-28 09:14 pm
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(no subject)

Closed or lost a lot of links in the last week. Here's what's left:

Children With Autism Have Extra Synapses

Policeman accused of serial sex assault on patrol

Pleading suspect dies in police custody: 'You can breathe just fine' -- No, this is not referring to the NY Eric Gardner case.

Tongues wag over Obama’s audacity to wear taupe | more -- Really, these people have nothing else to do but criticize the color of the President's suit? Really?

Newsflash: Hello Kitty has never been a cat -- She's a little girl from England. I kind of see the resemblance now.
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2014-08-24 01:26 pm
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I went to a local art gallery yesterday to see if anything there might be suitable for a cover of a literary magazine. I found several artists whose work really resonated with me.

I mark them here for future reference, but also if you'd like to peruse, here they are:

Joanna Tlok -- Unfortunately, these pieces do not include her studies on flowers, which are stunning.

Connie Cronenwett

Adrienne Kaplan -- She uses mainly watercolors. At the gallery, move your cursor over each image to see the full "show".

Nina Hauser

Lynda Cole
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2014-08-23 07:36 pm
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editing responsibilities

So, my editor friend wants me to do more than we'd initially discussed.

First, he needs me to transcribe incoming material into formats that can be used, from what I can understand because he can't use his personal printer because the formats become messed up on his machine. The person who did this last year for him can't do so this year due to new engagements. So I said sure. I like copy editing & I've experience with transcription.

More importantly, however, he wants me to find a local printer. I haven't worked with printers in fifteen years & I have no experience with local ones, except for the guy who put out my chapbook (he also presses Third Wednesday).

So, on top of locating written material for the magazine & finding artwork, I now will be editing copy & locating a new printer. Lots of responsibilities.

Again, this would be much easier if, as I had initially anticipated, I had copious free time on my hands at this point of the calendar. This will end up instead a tight squeeze.
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2014-08-19 04:39 pm
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For the first time, I made pasta e fagioli. I used a recipe from a little cooking booklet my mom gave me. I followed it almost to the letter, except I added bay leaves, crushed red pepper & (once I realized I added too much of the last) frozen corn. (Something I discovered from following Thai cuisine: sweet balances heat.)

It's pretty good! It's spicy but good. I have plenty, so I should have more than enough to supply me with lunch for the week ahead.
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2014-08-18 06:39 pm
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A long-time writer friend of mine has recruited me to help him with Peninsula Poets Magazine, the organ of the Poetry Society of Michigan. He's been editing it for about a year.

We met today over coffee to discuss the state of poetry in America in general as well as what needs to be done on the magazine specifically. He wants me to oversee soliciting eleven poems in different categories for the contest issue (these poems would be separate from the contest itself, designated as "In the Spotlight"). Also, he's tasked me with finding artwork for the cover & to be scattered within the issue.

I didn't deny the request, because obviously he needs the help if he's reaching out; also, it's an honor. Kind of a daunting task, first finding folks who have some Michigan connection, then reaching out to them & asking for some of their work. The editor in me kind of balks at solicitation, but that's what I've been tasked with, so that's what I'll do.

The visual art part has me more than a bit uneasy. As I told my friend, visual art is not my mainstay, so I would want him to look over whatever I may choose & give the final stamp of approval. He agreed to that, but for the poetry he said that he knows I have a good eye.
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2014-08-18 04:21 pm
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The Only Snippet from Last Night's Dream

Lincoln with polio.
Lincoln in a wheelchair.
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2014-08-17 12:11 am
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On Guard

Featured is all hope escaping,
ovaries twisted until nothing

can steal their way out, the eggs
withering in their original good-luck

clothes. The supermoon draws them
just as any other magnetic body would,

with gravitas & secrecy, the enigma
of earth. The ova declare decay,

just as ancestors declared victory
over remote towns & villas no one stateside

could ever decipher. It's
Miller time. It's time to celebrate

the beginning of the end, the righteous
mollification of nature, the aperture

of life & unlife, the unnatural passageway
of if & whether, of now & may have been.