Apr. 13th, 2014

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Brain's '15-second delay' shields us from hallucinogenic experience: research -- "To save us from insanity induced by a constantly changing torrent of pictures, shapes and colors--both virtual and real world--the brain filters out information, failing in most cases to notice small changes in a 15-second period of time."

Large Hadron Collider discovers a new type of matter: Exotic hadrons -- tetraquarks

Central Ohio mumps outbreak now has 199 cases; 126 linked to Ohio State University

Bee fossils provide insight into Ice Age environment


Apr. 13th, 2014 10:38 pm
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I made my own hummus today!

I used the immersion blender [personal profile] netmouse & [profile] flinx gave me for Christmas. I'd bought tahini months ago but just got around to actually tackling the task.

The result isn't too bad--a bit thick & bordering on bland. I used a recipe for "Simple Hummus"; perhaps it was too simple. I ended up increasing the lemon juice (not fresh) for flavor as well as moisture; I also increased the salt for flavor.

The major mistake I made was to forget to add the garlic before the chickpeas. I don't know how much that incremental step made a difference, but it's something to note.

More hummus is to follow, no doubt. I love the stuff & would spend way more money on it than the cost of tahini itself (which is a little pricy but should last me the rest of the year).
novapsyche: a woman of stature circa 1900s peering out of a ring (womanring)
Poker Player Phil Ivey: A Look Behind the Cards

Oh my. I love Phil Ivey! This can't be a real news story. No no no no no!

(That being said, a professional player noticing deficiencies in the inking of the cards is not surprising. These are incredibly observant players with memories unlike a common person's. Why is this being held against him?)


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