Apr. 5th, 2014

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I went back to the gardening store & picked up two more seedlings, basil & chives. I was very pleased to see the latter, as I love the flavor of chives/green onions.

So that's a full windowsill now. The unfortunate thing is that, while I have a southfacing window, there's this huge overhang above it, so the plants don't get nearly as much sunshine as they need. I don't want to set them outside yet, as nightfall is still pretty chilly. At the same time, I'm fighting the urge to go out & buy a fluorescent light structure so as to string it up somewhere here in my bedroom. These herbs were meant as a convenient addition to my cooking attempts, not as a project unto themselves.

But they're totally becoming a project. I'm delving into gardening articles & online communities just as much as I did with cooking when I started getting into that activity. I don't have a yard, merely a concrete patio. I lost my previous gardening supplies after my sister's basement flooded & mold crept into all of my belongings stored there. I'm starting from scratch and, after pricing the next largest planters at the gardening store, I really don't have the budget to get too serious about this. So I need to--pardon the expression--nip this in the bud right away. (I do want to transplant these seedlings at some point, though, as their growth will get stunted for sure in such tiny flowerpots.)
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I got this month's Current to find that there are plenty of literary readings to attend this month. Apparently the new bookstore, Literari, is really investing in readings to get more traffic through the door. Despite the fact that I've been learning more about prose this year than anything, I'm still drawn more to poetry readings. I'm planning to attend three of Literari's poetry readings this month (8th, 11th & 16th).

Also, it appears the Crazy Wisdom group has started back up (as well as advertised their goings-on; I'd expected to hear news about them back in February). I plan to attend the 9th & 23rd.

Of course the local library has some events going on as well. I'm thinking of attending the reading on the 17th.

The Rec & Ed class I've been taking starts again on the 24th. Hopefully, by then, I will have had a full month's worth of creative writing to fill my till.


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